Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Not published

I am supposed to write a guest post for Spatula City. I tried to post it last night, but it would not publish and then today I decided it needed tidying up a bit, well a lot perhaps. Here is what I wrote.

I guess I better give this priority as we are all on a time limit. I had vaguely planned this post in advance until Andy said no public transport. Tosser, what else am I going to write about. He is anal enough to be still monitoring with his Raspberry or whatever he uses, and so can delete it if he wants.

But you must admit, there is a certain poetic justice when someone who has robbed cars in a railway station carpark and then gets mown down by a train as he is fleeing the scene.

Damn such high faluting terms as poetic justice. If you have ever had your car stolen, then you gotta feel real satisfaction when you hear a dude who was attempting to steal a car by short circuiting the ignition wiring was blown up because there were inflammable gasses around.

I am sure Andy thoroughly approves of such Darwinian outcomes.

Speaking of tossers, Carl Williams cannot go to his mother’s funeral. Just perhaps once in his murderous life, he ought to have asked himself, ‘Will there be repercussions?’ Seems there are, like gaol, lack of contact with society and family and not being able to go to your mother's funeral.

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