Monday, November 24, 2008

No Standing Only Dancing

We had to go into town for a couple of bits and pieces today. We thought we could do with a dose of palatable culture as well, so into the Ian Potter Gallery at Federation Square to see an exhibition of photos taken by the late Rennie Ellis.

Around twenty years ago, we often used to eat in a very small restaurant in Toorak Road, South Yarra by the name of Brummels. The cuisine was sort of Austrian and German. The chef's name was Wally and he was often the worse for wear by the time he finished cooking for the evening and was doing the rounds of the tables. Often equally worse for wear was the waitress, a middle aged and quite attractive woman who was or had been a nurse. She loved the company of gay men and would pay us a lot of attention with her slurred speech.

Now, who can connect the above paragraphs? I bet Ann O'Dyne could but she is internet deprived at the moment.

I'm not exactly sure how it was connected, but above Brummels restaurant was Brummels art gallery, set up and owned by Rennie Ellis to exhibit his photos. I believe he moved the gallery to Greville Street, Prahran in later years.

Anyway, that was quite interesting to us as we had no idea of the connection. The exhibition is good and if you can't think of any of Rennie Ellis's work, think back to the eighties, if you can, and the book Life's a Beach. A few more Life's a ........ books followed.

The exhibition called No Standing Only Dancing runs until February. Catch it if you can. See some of his work here and you can work your way around his site to find more info.


  1. I love photographic exhibitions. I'll have to keep an eye out for his work in Sydney.

  2. Victor, did you ever see William Yang's book from the eighties called Sydney Diary?

  3. Andrew - I don't think so, I spent most of the 1980s working overseas and then in Canberra.

  4. Ann O'Dyne was photographed by him and had the photos up at a previous blog. Good photography, good subject, as I remember.

  5. Victor, it was a bit of sensation when it was published. I had a copy but regretfully sold it on ebay.

    I was wondering myself why I mentioned Ann, Lad. It must have been in my subconscious. Was it a pic of her with long hair? Black and white? Looks like one of her sites, The Ballroom has been issued to someone else. Pity. Lost history.

  6. She lost all her blogs when blogger changed but I think the pub one Six O'clock Swill is still up.
    Exonome ended up as a pron site.
    She knew all about Rennie Ellis and has stories.

  7. Six O'clock Swill is still there Jahteh. Exonome was her old blog? I think that was where the picture was. Pity she is incommunicado in the middle of the Simpson Desert.


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