Saturday, November 29, 2008

News from the highrise

Last weekend we returned to CDocklands to buy the item I want for my bedroom wall. Although the weather hadn't been as bad as forecast, there was no sign of the market. R was grumpy after having made a fruitless tram trip. It was not entirely fruitless as we found a place that offers free parking for half an hour. Enough time for us to quickly drive in, park and pick up the objet d'art.

I emailed the owner in advance to double check that she would be there, and she said she would be there. During the subsequent week she emailed me apologising for not being there. Better that she emailed me Sunday morning saying she wouldn't be there.

It is so seldom I make a decision about anything arty. I am losing my nerve now.

Babysat Little Jo in Murrumbeena last night while sis and the bone doctor went to a white table cloth restaurant for a romantic dinner alone. Little Jo may be able to repeat simple words back to us, make us understand what she wants, count, walk, but please, when does the toilet training start? Pooh tink. (Andrew passes Little Jo to R for him to deal with, and guess who forgot their latex gloves, haha)

Sis and the bone doctor were home early and got into their jim jams. Wonder if LBD has happened yet. Jayne, ask the Feral Queen what it stands for.

Tommorrow, we are going to Wyuna Farm with sis, bone doctor and Little Jo for a Rainbow Families get togther. We have been there before for a family occasion. It was rather good, except the Swamps of Langwarrin niece was about twelve and for some odd reason was being sleazy and sexually suggestively pole dancing around a tree. Thank allah she got over that stage quickly. We will steal Little Jo from sis and parade her around like she is ours. I only look post menopausal.

Later, Mother has summonsed us to Pakenham for an afternoon tea to celebrate my brain damaged brother's birthday. He has been so great during my step fathers illness, how could we refuse. Funny, normally he can never do anything on Sundays as he umpires cricket. Kind of the club not to have cricket on his birthday.

Mother called both us and sister tonight to tell us what we need to bring for an afternoon tea. It would seem, everything. The hot water for tea and coffee and the china will be supplied, no wait, it will be brother's hot water and china. Brief hello to stepfather, and we move on to brother's.

Significant year really. Mother has always made christmas pudding. She gave me the recipe last year and I managed to get it into some sort of readable state .doc. Upon her death, I will circulate it among family. But the recipe has already gone out as sister had been told that she must make the pudding this year. Sister said her flat was quite warm tonight as the pudding has been bubbling away for hours. We may well get another pud outa Ma yet.

Tradie brother won't attend afternoon tea tomorrow as he is busy enlarging doorways for his ex mother in law's wheelchair.

I am complaining to R about our social calendar being too full for the the next month. He ignored my plaintive cries until he realised he had double booked his work christmas party and sis in law's mother's 80th birthday. He thought he might be able to do both until he realised he will need to be up at 3am for a balloon flight the next day.

While I am not happy about so many things on, I said to R, wouldn't it be sad if we were never invited to do anything.


  1. I would have liked to see the piece of art you wanted to purchase, pitty the woman was not there.
    Have fun tomorrow, wish I could take my family there too... I have to work..and I just did... I'm tired..time for bed me thinks.
    Oh, btw, the calendar for all things social is just so full..our time sure does fly!

  2. Anonymous1:55 am

    I too feel the urge to do absolutely bugger-all for an entire week; just vegging out on the couch.

  3. I'm slaving away over a hot veggie patch and you're dining on scones, hmph; lol have a good one ;)

  4. Anonymous8:22 pm

    It's a good point about things being better than not being invited to anything.

    Oh, and Cocklands.. loved that.

  5. You will see it I think Cazzie.

    I have a veg week just before christmas Rueben. I am so looking forward.

    I would quite happily swap Jayne. It was a hard day.

    I suppose I am right about that TDW. It is hard work being social at times. Docklands, aka, Divorcelands too.

  6. 'Cocklands' appears in my poem, published at Copperwitch, ages ago:

    Statuettes Starlets Latte Mannequins.

    I'm bigger than war,
    Bigger than politics,
    Bigger than spineless mincing swots frothing over Marx, Freud, Shakespeare.
    I'm bigger than History.
    Beyond it.
    Beyond being impressed-
    By scholarly harlots in Brunswick Street.

    Let them have it, their little sandpit,
    Creating streets, houses, whole cities,
    Who cares.
    Let them have it,
    Manhattan on Yarra,
    Daddy drives a Holden.

    A poet is never retentive, he'll shit anywhere. When he sees his work shovelled he will rejoice. It means he is ambulent. On the move.

  7. Anonymous7:56 am

    Happy St Andrew's Day :)

  8. So you don't dress in black and sip latte Robert.

    Haha, thanks Jackie.

  9. What?

    Do I dress in black and sip latte?

    Of course I bloody do!

    I'M AN ARTIST!!!

  10. On behalf of your readers please allow me to say how delighted they are to see my verse here from time to time. It gives them immense joy, happiness, hope and confidence for the future.

    A poet is not a fireman, he is an arsonist, burning down loneliness in other hearts and his own.

  11. Robert, you must learn how to embed some violin music in your comments.

  12. What the? There's a market at Docklands? Is it better than Camberwell? I'm a sucker for other people's junk.

  13. There is AR, if you can call about five stalls a market.