Monday, November 03, 2008

The Law is an Ass

It was a bit of a family catch up for a Sunday lunch out. As well as babysitting Little Jo on Friday night when Sister and the Bone Doctor went to some Irish Australian footy match, we had the pleasure of seeing Little Jo a second time in three days.

I was somewhat disturbed to read in one of last weeks newspapers that the Bone Doctor has no legal right to make any decision on Little Jo's behalf. Should anything happen to Sister, then I would be the one to make the decisions.

This is being addressed by our lawmakers but the outcome is uncertain. It has already been sorted in most other Australian states. There is document Sister has organised that gives the Bone Doctor some rights, but this is most unsatisfactory situation. From the size of gay parents play groups which Little Jo occasionally attends, there are an awful lot of same sex parents out there and one of them has no right over their child.

Most unsatisfactory!!! My niece deserves better.


  1. Anonymous8:53 pm

    Wait... Bone Doctor is a woman? Wow things are making so much more sense now.

    Now I have to come to terms with the sudden realisation that I'm a sexist, given that I assumed the doctor would be a man.

    Time to review the Cast List.

  2. It was a fair assumption TDW, but as you say, things will make much more sense if you look back and you will perhaps be surprised that you didn't realise.

    My parents did well in a very balanced way, two straight and two gay, except Sister was in denial until her late twenties. Can't say the same for me.

  3. Aw, Andrew! She's not a baby anymore, but she's still beautiful.

  4. Little Jo's got the same Satanic red eyes as my cat.

  5. Daisy, given what I got on my pants on the day, she is still a baby. Sixteen months old now.

    Brian, my first attempt at red eye reduction ended up with Little Jo having no red eye, but a grey face.

  6. Cute kid. Let's hope the lawmakers can fix the anomaly. She deserves the same rights as other children.

  7. Anonymous7:29 am

    She is very cute, and you're obviously a very proud uncle! I know the law in England changed recently with respect to unmarried parents, but I honestly don't know the situation for same sex parents. Must check that one out (and I wonder if/how it differs in Scotland).

  8. Aww she's absolutely adorable, Andrew!
    Yep, she's growing up so fast now, she's not a bub anymore.
    Hope you've got her 21st birthday pressie stashed away ;)

    Oh and yes the law sucks hairy dogs' balls.

  9. Anonymous11:22 am

    The law's a bugger to live with sometimes.

  10. Thanks Lad. Straight people are very supportive.

    It is frightening how fast she is growing Jayne.

    It is Reuben, indeed it is.

  11. Missed one as usual. Thanks Jackie. I think England is a bit ahead in this area. Scotland, I don't know.

  12. oh Uncle Hawt, she is lovely.
    Foreign Correspondent promises us for next week, a report on a guy in Lesbos who wants gay women to STOP calling themselves Lesbians!!!!

    I can hardly wait for that one.
    He is so stupid I just hope he hasn't bred any more.

  13. Yes, hate this law. The biological father of my eldest has all the rights in the world with her, but Tony has none, til he adopts her. Course, he can't adopt her til the biol father allows it. Course the biol father has nothing to do with her, but he has all the rights.
    If (heaven forbid) she has to go to hospital, Tony cannot even sign for her. How stupid is that. The parent that is IN her life, cannot do something that simple.
    I agree with you; That law should be amended.

  14. Saw a promo for it Ann. I have recorded it.

    Rae, I did not know about that situation. Clearly it must affect an awful lot of people, and yes, it must be ammended.

  15. Felicity Marlowe of the Rainbow Families group has done a great job of lobbying for new laws and there are still a few Upper House layabouts undecided whether the children are worth the effort. Somebody should tell them it's the 21st century.

  16. Uncle Andrew had better brush up on his interrogation techniques for boyfriends of 'going to be' heartbreaker of a niece.

  17. Not a name I know Jahteh, but I know lots of work is being done. Did you read Rae's comment? It is not just a same sex parent thing.

    She might like girls Jahteh, quell horeour.