Sunday, November 23, 2008

The good and the bad of the US of A.

At a birthday barbecue last night, we met a visitor from the United States. He is Australian born and left our shores some fifteen years ago to work for a short time in Sacramento and just stayed on when he was offered and accepted assistance to get a Green Card. He has returned to visit family here but only for two weeks. We vaguely knew him before he left Australia and through a common friend, we have kept up with what he has been doing.

As it was mixed company last night, he did not get his gear off as often does. Pity as he is quite nice. He has even stripped at the Exchange Hotel when he was last in Oz. I suppose he is a true exhibitionist.

Last night I asked him what he really liked about America and his answer was the mountains. He said there is nothing like them in Australia and he just loves spending any free time he has in the mountains.

Naturally what followed was the question about what he disliked about America. His answer, "The whole religious thing just drives me crazy. I thought I would get used to it, but I haven't".

I reckon it would get to me too.


  1. I thought, as I read through your questions of the visitor from America, that he would have said he liked the American community spirit...but, the mountains is a good answer, nothing like ecscaping to nature to zone out.

  2. The mountains are bloody impressive! And I can only imagine how annoying the religious fanatics must get.

  3. Pity so many of those religious nuts spoil the mountains down south by living in them ;)

  4. He works in IT Cazzie and I don't really know him well enough to know if he likes involvement in the community. You think American community spirit is good? Nice to hear.

    Kezza, it just seems to be a daily part of their life for many Americans.

    Lol Jayne. Good one.

  5. Maybe for the 'religion thing' he should have tried an Islamic country.

    That'd wake him up. Good and proper.

  6. Anonymous1:58 am

    Maybe for the 'religion thing' he should have tried an Islamic country.

    It certainly would if it was being bombed by a christian country.

  7. Who bombed New York 'Julie'?

    Ask 'Jack'

    (And watch out, he's been a sleaze at Copperwitch)

  8. Anonymous7:07 am

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  10. Anonymous1:43 pm

    It pisses me off too...makes me ashamed to have a US passport that.

    I don't know what they're going to do about it...considering they don't even know it's a problem.

  11. Managed this far, I guess they will go on. Bigger and better or poorer and worse.

  12. Anonymous9:27 pm

    I'd suspect the latter.