Friday, November 28, 2008

Going Up

I know in the past I said no more balloon pics, but I can't resist this one. It was not as light as it appears in the photo. I fiddled with some settings. I just caught the glow out of the corner of my eye as I was dressing for work. Up up and away in my beautiful balloon, from Fawkner Park.

If you are wondering, we have another date in a week or so for the balloon flight.


  1. Fingers crossed that you'll get to go this time!

  2. Mine too Daisy. Is there a balloon flight over Lancaster? Surprise the Freshman with a flight? Hope your weather is more stable than ours.

  3. Anonymous12:14 am

    Very atmospheric.

  4. Gee, that's a nice view. I love street scenes, especially busy streets at nice.

  5. That's almost a Christmassy pic, Andrew, could trim it up, throw in a bit of red paint (a la Little Jo) and you've got your own cards to send out ;)

  6. re your:

    "The brother friends have been evacuated from the Bangkok airport to a hotel. The one I spoke to sounded quite stressed and said they had experienced a hairy time. Drama queen. Someone, who knows, is paying for the first night. Must be time to bring on a coup"

    I am in Balwyn emailing from the library, and staying with a friend whose son was locked in the Kabul US Embassy during the attack there which was timed for their Thanksgiving Day Fun Run
    .... 'fun' - bwah ha ha. of course he phoned to say he was safe.

  7. Marvellous word Reuben.

    Normally very busy Victor, but at 5.30, not so busy.

    Just looked at it objectively Jayne, and it is not a bad pic. Too busy for this year, but maybe next year.

    You are netless Ann, and I am newsless, so haven't caught up on that story yet. We are under seige tomorrow coz of a run past the highrise. Exit west only.