Monday, November 24, 2008

Foreign Dragonflies

Thanks to Vik, here are a couple of dragonflies in a park in the north of Japan. Be warned before click, it is a large picture, although I am not sure how it will appear in the blog. Good to have a close look though.


  1. Ooooooooooooo, purdy!

  2. My overwhelming memory of dragonflies, was riding a motorbike at dusk back on the farm, and having the dragonflies keep pace and ride along with you, or so it seemed. Them they'd suddenly decide to change direction and smack you in the face and that can hurt!

  3. Sunning themselves I suppose Jayne.

    They are not so smart then Kezza.

  4. Anonymous9:09 pm

    Dragonflies would have to be my favourite insect. They've an elegance and inability to be annoying that other insects seem to lack.

  5. Anonymous1:03 am

    They're my favourite too! Another reason I like Autumn in Japan. Vik.

  6. For some reason MD, I used to think that they bite. Seems they don't.

    I particularly remember them in late summer Vik.