Saturday, November 22, 2008

Dragon Fly

Little Jo is asleep now after exhausting us. Busy weekend, so here is a post for tomorrow. The very day that LiD posted a tale of when she most cruelly killed a butterfly and seeing some iridescent blue dragonflies, I came across this little chappie sitting on an old door that had not been opened for years. For a moment I thought it was a stick insect but I could see wings, so it must be a dragonfly. 'Tis only a phone pic but could anything in life be as good as watching dragonflies darting and hovering over a still pond?


  1. Awesome image Andrew, even if it was taken by your phone. My images from Andre's concert was via my phone too...yet yours has seemingly clearer reults.
    Nothing better than watching nature, I agree. When I am riding my bike I look at absolutely everything around me... it takes you away.

  2. Anonymous2:51 pm

    Insects tend to annoy me.

  3. Anonymous3:41 pm

    Lol hey, it had a heart attack I tells ya. I was being very careful. Love the photo Andrew. The dragonflies are around us all at the moment.

  4. It's turning into a proper dragonfly summer, YAY!
    Great pic :)

    Reuben, dragonflies eat mozzies, so worship the dragonfly :P

  5. Phone camera shots seem to be not so bad when close up Cazzie. Bike riding is interesting because you cover a lot more ground than when you walk, but you don't go past to fast to not notice like you do in a car.

    Reuben, just wait until one of these settles on you and drives its stinger into you. Btw, why didn't you do Chinese language at school and you too would have you photo in the paper.

    Murderer, aka LiD, I have never seen dragonflies in the city before. Have you?

    Jayne, I suppose that is why they dart about, grabbing food.

  6. Anonymous1:28 am

    Autumn is a great time to see dragonflies here. There are heaps of them and they're so beautiful. I took a photo recently of about 5 tambo on a rock but I couldn't figure out how to copy it over. I'll email it to you instead. Vik.

  7. Anonymous11:11 am

    My friend, Aviva, whose blog is on my blog roll did. She was on the far left. And the guy who jumped the highest was in my English class; he knows everything (about gangsters). Pity they didn't feature my English teacher though...he's quite a sight to behold (he only has one nostril).

  8. Thanks Vik. Please do send. Btw, do they bite?

    Melbourne gangsters Reuben? One nostril sounds unpleasant.

  9. Anonymous4:16 pm

    Japanese ones don't bite so I'm guessing Aussie ones don't either. Some of them are really pretty and quite big. Vik.

  10. Anonymous10:27 am

    Andrew, I can't remember ever seeing them right in the city but I can understand if they were anywhere near gardens and water. Apparently, they don't sting.

    P.s. I am intrigued by the old door that hasn't been used for years. Is there a story there too?

  11. Ah Vik, proof positive you now know more about Japan than Oz.

    It is at the rear of a shop LiD. I will take my camera and take a proper pic of it soon.

  12. Anonymous1:44 pm

    No...but he told a smashing story about Triads at his old School.

  13. I have a friend who was schooled in HK. He has some interesting stories.

  14. Anonymous9:27 pm

    Ah...but was he in The Age?

  15. I believe he did get an Age gig, for drug matters. Arrested by HK police a couple of years ago in a night club queue.

  16. Anonymous11:19 pm

    Oh seems like I've been beclowned.