Tuesday, October 07, 2008

They just don't let up

CATHOLIC-RUN hospitals have been accused of refusing to refer sexual assault victims to rape crisis centres that prescribe the morning-after pill.

If true:

'Nope honey (virgin/old woman/kid/single girl/married mum, as her arm is comfortingly stroked), we can't give you anything to get rid of that bit of organic matter that the disgusting and violent creature forced into your body'.

I don't swear often, but this is a special occasion.

How the fuck did St Vincent's and Cabrini Hospitals get into such a position of power that they would be a port of call for any rape victim (yes, a generalisation.....I am fond of them).


  1. You loathe the Catholic church but won't ever say why.
    Tell the truth.
    It's because you're homosexual.
    Admit it.
    If the Lost Dog's Home had an anti-gay you'd be kicking dogs in the street.

    Tell the truth.

    The fucking truth.

  2. Presumably, if they're all God's children, including those seeded by rapists, then that makes God an accomplice to rape?

  3. I don't like to hate Robert, but I certainly dislike. Me being gay is part of the picture I suppose as clearly the Catholic Church would not welcome me, but even Muslim terrorists don't interfere in our lives as much as the Catholic Church. It concerns me that they have publicly funded large and very important institutions such a schools and hospitals, yet they go against the wishes of society in general.

    Must be part of his plan Brian.

  4. Totally fucked and wrong.

  5. you realise that catholics are pretty much to blame for everything that is wrong in the world.

  6. Anonymous10:58 am

    Disgusting behaviour on the part of admin / medical professionals who I assume have been supported in the attainment of their degree by the jolly old tax payer.

  7. Someone wrote in today's Age with a brilliant suggestion - a phone number people can call so they can get their nearest place that offers such services. No dicking around with religious freaks or anything like that (perhaps the usual protesters out the front, who should always be removed!).

  8. You'll grab any pretext at all to boo the church, anything bar what's the real issue for you.
    You can't think. You're trapped. Crippled. Viewing all issues as homosexual. Wake up, your homosexuality is basic, but it's not the entire world. Catholics will act on their conscience, regardless of the Church, tens of millions aren't all your enemies. You're dirty on one bloke, Archbishop Pell, and so the whole fucking lot are no good. Who'd believe that? I don't.

  9. To the point Jayne!

    Starting with overpopulation Kiki.

    Another good angle LiD.

    Far too simple Rob. We need some with lots of administrative costs, as per usual.

    Robert, where have I ever posted about me being gay and the catholic church? You keep bringing it up, I don't. I happy to be not welcomed. Pell disgusts me, but if I thought he stood for every catholic in the world, I would be very worried. Can you address what I write in the post please. Unusually, it is not all about me.

  10. Ditto to what Jayne said!@!!

  11. We live in a secular society and therefore shouldn't have to have christians imposing their ideologies onto us, especially when it comes to our own health and our own RIGHT to choose what we wish to do with our own bodies & whether or not we want an abortion. They should at least warn people that they will be making biased decisions based on a mythical zombie's psychotic delusions, or refer them to someone who won't.

  12. Anonymous7:00 pm

    Oh well...who would have seriously thought otherwise?
    They might as well tried to convince John Howard to accommodate a refugee in his own (posh) home.

  13. "Catholics will act on their conscience."

    At the risk of unleashing a long-winded diatribe Robbert me owd mucker, most Catholics act on the somewhat ill-informed, superstitious and self-centred 'conscience' (and I use the word with an amount of irony here) of a bloke in a dress with an acorn cup stuck on his head.

    To go against the pope's wishes (i.e. to act upon one's own concience) is, strictly speaking, to go against catholisisn due to papal infalibility and the fact that the pope, no matter how narrow-minded and/or ignorant he is, is allegedly the mouthpiece of God.

    It strikes me that catholics are the ones who can't think and are trapped by by their own viciously encircling rhetoric, by default.

    (Waits for the 'cunts' and 'fucks' and the 'Hughes you are fucking stupid pommy bastard's etc.)

  14. Wash your mouth Cazzie. Haha, you get the blame for what Jayne said.

    'mythical zombie's psychotic delusions'. Priceless Luli. I will get to your blog soon.

    Imagine how Jeanette's nose would twist if Johnny brought one of those home Reuben.

    Aww Brian, Robert hasn't called you a pedo for ages.

    Can I just wrap this with, I don't mean to offend anyone, but really, surely science now outweighs religion. I am not sure if I can take you seriously if you believe in the hokus pokus, illogical and irrationality of mainstream religion.

  15. The quicker we rid the world of religion (and any fuckwit who believes the fairy tales that come out of said cults) the better.

  16. Anonymous10:10 pm

    As someone who 'religously' reads you blog but usually just stays in the back ground I had to to let you know I agree with you. Why is it that people can not just live and let live? We are all human no matter our religon, nationallity or sexual prefrence. I certainly have my own opinions and beliefs on a lot of things but they are exactly that mine- I respect other people in theirs. Our local hospital is a Catholic one, my mother spent many weeks in palative care before dying of lung cancer and the nurses and doctors there were fanatastic. We had many conversations about how awful it is for people in end stage of an terminal disease and how people should have the choice to die with dignity on their own terms... this however will never happen and I'm sure the catholic church would be dead against that too.Unfortunately they do not live in the real world, and the 'everyday' people who work in the hospitals have their hands tied.

  17. Anonymous10:18 pm

    It kind of disgusts me that ANY religion can run hospitals, schools etc. Get that shit away from me. I try hard to be nice to religion, but it just seems so wrong. I keep telling myself it's the religion I hate, not the people, but they try so hard to make me hate them.

  18. Science has dominated Andy. We can only call such religious nonsense now as cults.

    Hi Kate. Gosh I feel a bit flattered. I assume you are a bit youngish, and it must be hard to lose your mother when you are youngish. In defence of catholic hospitals though, you should have taken her to Cabrini. They knock them off very quickly and painlessly there. Harsh but true, lingering deaths are not great for anyone, regardless of the conversations.

    TDW, I am almost really old, and for all my years, I have tried to be tolerant of religious types, but really.....religion makes as much sense to me as Windows 2009 turning out to be the perfect operating system.

  19. Anonymous2:27 am

    If you call 35 youngish then maybe I am... now I feel flattered.... yes it was hard to lose her at such a young age. While the medical staff had their hands tied to some degree, I had the privelege of being with her 24 hours a day for the last 3 days and lets just say I am 99.9% sure she was helped along. A blessing for her in the end.
    Now this "youngish" 35 year old needs to get some sleep before 3 'feral' kids wake me up in the morning...and give me even more grey hair.

  20. I've tried to give you a pep talk. But you resist. Silly you. And I persevere. Silly me. But then I'm humane, that's all. There should be more like me.

    Say this: “I am a homosexual!”

    And: “Indifference is unacceptable, I must be cheered!”

    Okay? Because indifference makes you a homophobe. That's my experience. You have to march.

    But beware of applause. Of fashion.
    Gushing support!- oh my goodness! These are liberals but more bound up than anyone, loving abos but not wanting to live with them, supporting feminism but wiggling arse, abhorring poverty while living off it. Would they give up mobile phones to feed babies in Africa? Are you kidding? Never. They'll give up nothing.

    I've told you before we have lots in common: different circumstances but similar trouble. On my next jury I want all homos. I'm that confident.

    Archbishop Pell is just a bloke. He's not the Church. I'll tell you something, fury is an asset, it gets you going, especially when you're a poet like me (ha ha) but you need to think straight, while walking crooked, you need history, psychology -common sense most of all.

    Religion is not a study, it's what I am. And I'm a lecher too, total peep, how unfortunate, yes, and I'm a social critic, first class, but when I survey latte ladies outside cafes to put dirt on them I'm thinking what a nice root some would be as well.

    That's the problem with all criticism, pussy gets in the way.

  21. I need to be cheered Robert, as do we all. Nothing to do with being gay.

  22. Anonymous2:43 pm

    I think I'm on Brian's side with the R.H vs BHughes debate. The pope is no expert in social science, sexuality or anything...he is basing his 'morals' on a dusty old book and expects to get away with it.
    If I told you, R.H. that the real world was a lie and your nightmares are real and that the only way to save yourself is by reading the bible out loud, would you do it? Tell me the rationale behind that, and I might not go into phase II of my arguments (it can get nasty).

  23. Feel free John, they have thick skins.

  24. Deleted. How surprising (but not really).

    There was far worse said here between me and Hughes.