Monday, October 06, 2008

Storm V Manly

I know nothing about rugby, even though I played it at school. I just kept away from the ball, as I did in all team sports. But in spite of my lack of knowledge, Manly beating Melbourne Storm by 40 points to zero sounds like Melbourne did not do so well.

I think we Victorians can be thankful of that and less will be seen on tv and during the news.

If I am tired and cranky, when I sit in front of the tv, I am inclined to verbally criticise every thing I see on tv. Program plots, continuity, newsreaders hair, pronunciation, supposed facts. I do this until R rightly tells me to shut up.

But there is one occasion where he joins in with me. When rugby comes on the television news, in unison we yell, 'We just don't care'. I don't care about Australian Rules football either, but I tolerate it for all you fans out there and it is a Victorian game with a long Australian history.

So Sydney, take your ball and your boof heads with no necks and stay out of our state. NRL players make our AFL players seem quite intelligent. K?


  1. Aw gee, fair crack of the whip!

    We Sydneysiders like our Rugby League.

    And why can't you Melbourners get it that Rugby (said/written solo) refers to Rugby Union which is not the code of football played by the Storm and Manly.

    And yes, a 40 to nil result is conclusive!

    Normal gay transmissions will now resume.

  2. "If I am tired and cranky, when I sit in front of the tv, I am inclined to verbally criticise every thing I see on tv."

    You mean you don't criticise it when you're not tired and cranky? I do...then again maybe I'm always tired and cranky. It's difficult to tell.

  3. You have television in Fleetwood?
    Next thing you know you'll have a rugby team.

    Well Hot Andrew you know what to do, get out those DVDs you worked so hard on.

  4. I over heard two guys talking about the match as it was being played (I was taking a blood pressure at the time) they were both saying..
    "Oh, why did the ball get gien to the other side then?"
    "Oh I don't know..."
    "What's happening now?"
    "Nup, dunno".
    They continued to watch and say these same things the whole made me laugh, because I am the same as them, I don't know rugby...not interested thanks!

  5. South Sydney supporter are you Victor?

    I only so it mentally when I am feeling relaxed Brian.

    Fleetwood is quite sophisticated Jahteh. They have the electric on.Pity about the holes everywhere where someone keeps digging up the ground. DVD project is not finished yet.

    I have heard similar Cazzie. I think you need to grow up with Rugby LEAGUE.

  6. I normally don't correct when the meaning is clear, but in this case it is not. Brian, I do criticise all the time, but normally just mentally and keep it to myself.

  7. I'm rather anti-league myself, but I will just say this in their defence... Those boys are mint! Well to me they are anyway, mountainous men with no necks and small IQ's have always stirred me in a certain way!

  8. The only decent rugby worth watching is Murderball aka wheelchair rugby.
    Much more entertaining than seeing some boofy bloke attempt to hobble across a patch of grass.

  9. Not really my type Kezza but the small IQ part could be useful. 'Ahhhh, what did you just do?'

    It is quite entertaining Jayne.

  10. Anonymous11:43 am

    No body watches Rugby League up here in Sydney either - well only the bogans from out west with similar Iq's. Such an inane game in the league of AFL, Union, Cricket and Golf.

  11. Maybe you are lucky Anon. AFL oozes in every pore of Victorians almost.