Wednesday, September 24, 2008

To GM or to not GM

I was, not concerned, perhaps more curious about our supply of Crisco (shut up faggots and clean your minds). We use Crisco peanut oil and canola oil. I have heard how so many cooking oils can be made from genetically modified plants.

Who makes Crisco? No less than Goodman Fielder and a quick check of their website indicated they also make Logicol margarine and Helga's bread, both of which we consume.

Now this is not about the good or bad of GM food. I just want to know what I am eating. If food has GM plants in it, I want to know and then I might decide whether to take the risk or not.

So, I emailed Goodman Fielder and within twelve hours they replied to me. I would guess it is a question they often deal with and it is a form letter. Sounds pretty ok to me, or have I missed something?

Good Morning Andrew,

Thank you for your enquiry concerning our company's position on genetically modified foods.

It is our policy that we will not supply food products that contain genetically modified material. In addition, we will clearly abide by any labelling requirements established by Australia's regulatory agency, Food Standards Australia New Zealand, and in line with the Trade Practices Act governed by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

Goodman Fielder in Australia and New Zealand continues to review all ingredients used in our consumer products, and as much as technically possible works to eliminate ingredients derived through genetic modification, through substitution, sourcing from areas where non-genetically modified crops are grown and IP systems.
For example actions taken by companies included:

" Products reformulated to remove genetically modified ingredients, e.g. removing soy fibre and replacing with wheat fibre.
" Ingredients sourced from countries or areas which do not grow genetically modified crops, eg corn from New Zealand.
" Ingredients sourced from suppliers that have identity preservation (IP) systems in place to segregate genetically modified and non-genetically materials

We have sourced ingredients from suppliers in line with our commitment not to provide food products that contain genetically modified material, which means that our products do not require labelling.

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

Kind Regards
Emily Beattie

Consumer Advisory Centre
Goodman Fielder Ltd


  1. I like Helga's bread; the silly bint seems to leave it lying around everywhere for just anyone to help themselves to!
    Glad to see no GM foods in my brekkie toast! ;)

  2. I use those very products myself. Good to know what we are eating, how the food is processed etc etc..
    Yesterday at the Melbourne Show, the same guy who showed off his reptile friends at the Hurstbridge Wattle Festival last year was there. He, without shoes on once again, spoke about our friends the snake (yeah right!) but he also, again, mentioned alot of stuff about eating non GM foods, looking after our environment etc etc.
    Two days in a row I have come across it, maybe it was in my stars for the week?

  3. Helga's Light Rye Jayne?

    So you did end up going Cazzie. Very brave.The guy's name wasn't Brett was it?

  4. Anonymous2:47 pm

    We have all been eating genetically modified foods for decades, so i can't see what all the fuss is about. Back in those days it was called selective breeding both of livestock and the plant kingdom. It was mixing the genes of various stocks to grow the best one suitable for the aussie tables.

  5. If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

    And we will will send you exactly the same letter as designed and genetically modified by R. J. Cynical Bastards and Promotional Exploiters of Mass Hysteria Ltd.

  6. Anon, nature started its own gm modification and selective breeding, but as I said, to gm or to not gm is not the point. It is that we should be told.

    I haven't heard mass hysteria about gm foods Brian. I have heard of the huge benefits to multinational companies.

  7. "I haven't heard mass hysteria about gm foods Brian."

    Obviously you don't watch the BBC news Andrew...and that's only the presenters screaming merry hell about it.

  8. The common folk aren't always right, but if they are suspicious of GM, I will go along with them.