Monday, September 01, 2008


I could do some research perhaps and find out, but it is not that important, just a vague curiosity and I think one of my readers will know the answer? I spied an old sign off a street I am prone to walk down. The first reader who says, why don't you use the more convenient back entrance of Dan Murphys will get a slap.

The street is Chatham Street and it runs from Chapel Street, past the big car park, to Izett Street. There is a lane immediately to the west of Chapel Street that heads south ward towards Greville Street. Down the lane can be seen the sign as you see it here.

I would guess the hotel faced Greville Street or was on the corner of Greville and Chapel Street and the hotel sign in the lane was just left over signwriter's paint, although I can imagine the lane may have been different in the past.

Anyone recall the hotel?


  1. Think I've got a book on old pubs in Prahran and areas so I'll hunt it up and have a squizz.

  2. I have a faint notion there was a pub on the corner of Chapel and Greville, but you'd have to ask my daddy (the old c--nt!), he was the expert, until the booze killed him (what a surprise).

  3. Most pubs are on a corner, giving the pisspots two chances of finding it.

  4. Thanks Jayne.

    Ah well, if you don't know Robert, then none of my readers will. Is it Frankston where there literally is a pub on every corner of an intersection?

  5. Bought 3 books at Prahran Mechanic's Institute (including the one on pubs) and they were last seen beside Dad's armchair.
    Still hunting through the 8 bookcases in the lounge!

  6. OK found it.
    It was the Royal George Hotel, built by James Mason, a Staffordshire tailor who went into Parliament, in 1853.
    It traded from 1853 - 1970.

  7. Anonymous6:23 pm

    Give me some grid-references, Andrew. I need some atmospheric filming locations.

  8. Well done Jayne. I was kinda hoping Robert would know and add some colour. So it was there as a hotel until 1970. Interesting.

    It is quite atmospheric Reuben. Melways, 58, D6.

  9. Begging your pardon Androo, I was in a nappy in 1970 (and still am! ha ha ha!)

    I haven't heard that about Frankston, but there were sure a lot of pubs in Prahran/Windsor.

    I notice someone's restoring an old de-licensed pub in Williamstown. I was never certain whether it had been a pub or lodgings, and the place always intrigued me, but now a coating of cream stucco has been removed exposing bluestone underneath, and there's a licensee's name above the door.
    It's in Stevedore Street, between Melbourne Road and Douglas Parade, and is looking rather smug, which is its right of course, having regained its magnificence.

  10. Robert will add some colour when he takes tea with Miz Panz.

    Good heavens.

    Well one shouldn't blush at my age, but I'm sure to turn red.


  11. Not quite nappies Robert. I just had a street view along the street and I can't see it, unless it the blue painted two storey building. Looks like bluestone. I wonder what the CCA Substation is? Must be time for a swing along to Willietown soon.

  12. The substation is on the other side, and the old pub is back toward Melbourne Road a bit. I've had a look at Melways and think it might be on the corner of Rennie street. Anyway I've described it as cream stuccoed but it may well have been blue, and the street view was probably done before renovation started, which has only been going two or three weeks.

  13. That is the one I picked Robert. Looks like some work had started when the photo was taken.

  14. Anonymous5:11 pm