Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Organ Pipes

Physically, Australia is a very old land, a very eroded old land. The Organ Pipes at the Organ Pipes National Park are a result of volcanic action and erosion. When we took our short drive to Sunbury, we called in to the Organ Pipes National Park on the way back. By this time the day was not so pleasant, with a cool and strong wind, and a hot sun. That we had stayed up too late and had too much to drink the night before after we were rid of Little Jo did not add to our stamina. We also realised that we are both getting old. It was a bloody steep hill to walk down and to walk back up. But we did it, and took a detour to see the Rosetta Rock. We gave the tessellated tile rock formation a miss.

This walkway is steep but at least paved. It turned to loose gravel and stone down lower.

The Organ Pipes.........don't ask me why this is underlined. Is that vandalism? White paint thrown at the rocks?

The Rosetta Rock.


  1. Anonymous4:40 pm

    ...a desert with a few shrubs and rocks.

  2. Impressive geology. That Rosetta rock...where are the hieroglyphs?

  3. The formation in the second picture is wonderful!

  4. Correct Reuben. Australia's natural vegetation. Seldom pretty.

    Brian, too cold for aborigines to graffiti that rock.

    Not sure if it was worth the back ache to see it Daisy.

  5. Ta for sharing the photo, nothing's changed since my yr 7 excursion to gawp at it with the geography teacher who wore tweeds with bullet-proof tights.

  6. Lucky you did see it Jayne and don't have to walk the hill now.

  7. LOL Oh I can remember that bloody hill, we all walked up it backwards in the end.