Saturday, September 27, 2008

Lucky I worked

04.00 Sister arises and travels to MCG to buy a ticket for a seat at the football match because she doesn't want to stand.

06.30 Highriser recovers consciousness and arises.

06.50 R arises.

07.30 Bone Doctor arrives and delivers Little Jo before she goes off to operate a circular saw on some unfortunate's leg.

08.10 Highriser departs for work after spending a short time playing with Little Jo.

10.00 Highriser sends a text to R asking if all is ok.

10.01 R replies and says step father is very ill and has been in hospital. Highriser fumes that mother 'did not want to worry him'.

10.02 Highriser has a free moment at work and asks R to call him.

10.03 R calls and says sister called in to see how things were and she has tickets for football match. R is also sitting in cafe opposite the highrise having a bacon and egg sarnie and coffee after taking Little Jo to Fawkner Park to play. R also says he will go and visit stepfather in Dandenong Hospital with Little Jo in the afternoon.

13.00 R texts to say he will take Little Jo directly home after hospital.

13.01 Highriser replies he will go to Murrumbeena and being supportive until sister gets back from football.

17.46 Highriser drives straight from work to Murrumbeena and no one is there, so he texts R. There in five, R replies.

18.00 R arrives with Little Jo.

18.10 Sister texts to say she is being breathalyzed and it will take her forever to get out of MCG car park.

18.15 Find some food for sister's cat who is hungry. Find some food for Little Jo who is hungry. Wash some dishes and clean benches. What a mess. Lucky sister, Bone Doctor and Little Jo are leaving it behind tomorrow to fly to Townsville to see Bone Doctor's granny.

18.25 Give Little Jo a bath.

18.45 Sister arrives home. Inform Sister that Little Jo has been an angel.

19.00 Leave sister's in seperate cars and travel home.

19.25 Have first chardy.

19.35 R crosses road to buy Chinese takeaway.

19.40 Highriser thanks R profusely for all he has done today.

20.00 Highriser has showered, had a couple of chards and food and feels almost normal.

20.05 While our relationship is not all beer and skittles, Highriser is very appreciative of the effort R puts into my family.

21.00 Highriser is in his usual place, at pc, and R is sprawled out watching The Bill.


  1. Life's Rich Tapestry ... !

    Very early in my reading of that, I had concluded that R is a treasure.

    and I do feel sorry for the guy with the leg surgery on Grand Final day.

  2. Anonymous11:07 pm

    It's probably all the Cougar talking, but that sounds like a really pleasant day! Apart from the working of course. Unless your working is pleasant. I wouldn't know. I don't know what you do. I don't think you've ever said... I am rambling.

    My brother has been visiting with his 5 month old son, my first nephew, the first of the next generation. And I get to play with him sometimes. How cool are kids? They freak me out a bit because I've always been the youngest in the family but he's cool.

    Ramblin! God damn Cougars.

  3. Anonymous12:45 am

    I'm pleased to hear the AFL GF did not occupy any more of your life than it deserves (ie less than 1% of your day). It certainly didn't for me.

    You eat out a lot, it seems.

  4. R is definitely a keeper ;)

  5. "Bone Doctor arrives and delivers Little Jo before she goes off to operate a circular saw on some unfortunate's leg."

    Little Jo's started sawing off people's legs? Don't's probably just a phase she's going through.

  6. Hi Andrew

    Ah... A perfect day.



  7. He can be a treasure Ann, others times not so.

    I was kidding about Bone Doctor sawing a leg off, but she did. See today's daily papers and work it out.

    Just a token amount of attention Reuben.

    He is always happy to hand her back Jayne. Eats into six o'clock drinkies time.

    Could be better phrased I suppose Brian.

  8. Always miss one. No TDW, I haven't said what my work is. Working is the most unpleasant thing in my life, but I must do it. I really didn't take much notice of kids when I was younger, but now, they are magical.

  9. Take two. Nice for some Pants, swanning around with a baby for everyone to admire.


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