Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Crowds

Perhaps I should move to Sunbury, where there is not the overcrowding, although I can imagine what it like when a huge number of buses start arriving to deliver students to Salesian College, and when the single land road connecting Sunbury to the Motorway to Melbourne is in peak demand.

R needed to attend a training course in Box Hill today and thought the best way to go was to tram or walk to Flinders Street Station and catch the train. His transport was uneventful except for the Connex employees moving people away from a painted area at the bottom and top of the escalators to the platforms at Flinders Street. Then I came across this in the electric newspaper. Note in the article, passengers being made to exit the western end of Flinders Street Station. A riot will ensue.

I became aware of the dangers of overcrowding in two instances in the early nineties. Once was at Mardi Gras in Sydney, the biggest attendance ever that year. We got caught in the thick of the crowds and god help anyone who needed medical help.

The other instance was at Chadstone shopping centre at christmas time when an escalator just kept feeding people down to area that was crowded. It was getting dangerous. We were younger and nimble of foot, but god help anyone older.

Well, get used to these dangerous type situations people. We are a big city now and we just keep growing without the necessary infrastructure or service people.

R was outraged over the cost of a daily ticket to Box Hill. It would have been quicker and cheaper in his car, except parking would have been a problem and may have cost.

I can't be bothered checking, but it is only one or two stations further on than Zone 1 and the price jump is nearly $4! But he did say that the trip was quite pleasant, as it should be when going counter peak and during school holidays.


  1. www.bullabypass.org

  2. I'm just wondering when you're finally going to stand for Minister of Transport.

  3. Broomstick is faster.

  4. Ah,there are plans Ann.

    I am not Brian. I can't be world dictator and local transport minister at the same time.

    And you keep yours well oiled and ready to go Jayne.

  5. Anonymous3:40 pm

    Don't you dare stand for minister of transport, Andrew. You support Eddington's tunnel after all.

  6. Anonymous7:39 pm

    Maybe if they bring that Myki thing in they can charge us only for the distance travelled, and forget about those stupid zones.

    As for parking in the city, I don't even bother if it's for uni. Unfortunately for me taking the tram adds another twenty minutes to my travel time, but it's better than the alternative (I got towed last time I parked in the city for uni).

  7. A dictator will have his rail tunnel regardless.

    TDW, although I think Sydney's transport is more expensive, it does seem fairer as it is more based on distance travelled. Apart from our jump when going one station over a zone boundary, over $3 for one tram stop or station is absurd.
    Sorry you got towed, hahahaha.


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