Thursday, July 24, 2008

Diary Addition

Since this is my own diary, I better not leave this out. Last Sunday while I was slaving away at work and trying to keep the wolf from our door, R and our friends and hangers on were off enjoying themselves at the Rivoli Cinema in my least favourite suburb of Camberwell seeing Mama Mia, the movie of course.

I arrived home after a hard day in the salt mines and bashed off on the tram to meet them at Camberwell Junction as they left the theatre and we all then went for dinner to an Indian restaurant in Camberwell Road that has been there for years. We had been once before about two decades ago and we ended up with burnt mouths from a seriously hot vindaloo.

I think it is called the Tandoori Den and I must say, it is a very good Indian restaurant, surpassing even Bali Da Daba in Ripponlea. Nor is it expensive. A big tick for it, if you can bear to go to such a horrid bible bashing upper middle class place as Camberwell Junction.


  1. There you go 'bashing off' on the tram again, Andrew. I'm surprised you haven't been arrested for that yet.

  2. Nowt like bashing off Brian. Upper class Anglo Indians have been doing it for decades.

  3. *snort*
    Andrew, you forgot to insert a comma in that reply above.
    Or maybe you didn't :P

  4. Took me a minute to work it out Jayne, but yes, maybe I left a comma out or maybe I didn't.

  5. You missed the ABBA music?!

  6. Better hand in my gay card eh Daisy. Not only that, but in Newcastle I missed seeing the ageing boyband Westlife perform.