Friday, July 25, 2008

Day 25, to Alnwick

R's bro in law D has a twin sister who lives on a farm. We visited and stayed two nights. We left Hexham the day after we returned from Blackpool and went to L and D's place and then went off to D's twin sister's farm. D's sister is around mid fifties, and was an absolute hoot. She likes a good drink, ah so English, but her husband is an alcoholic. He drinks, passes out, revives, eats a little, drinks, and passes out again. Time is irrelevant to him. But like most people I know who drink too much, he is incredibly interesting and intelligent. Just the bottle gets the better of him.

I learnt so much from him. He took me for a walk in a nearby paddock and showed me the grass mounds of where the Roman road went, later a local road for local people, but now just grass. He showed me his forest of trees that he had a permit to chop down, but then reckoned that as his grandfather planted it, he would leave it as it was.

He had no problem with me dropping a conversation when he became tedious. Many people found him tedious but everyone put up with him.

The farmland is his, but he lets it out to farmers, sheep and cattle. He has a great green house vegetable garden.

On the way to the farm, outside of Alnwick, I saw a huge dish on a hill on the horizon. American defence system was what I was told. Star Wars stuff. Russian missile defence. Redundant.

It did look pretty kewl though, on the horizon.

In the evening we played a dvd version of trivial pursuit on the tv.


  1. Sounds like it was a laid-back and enjoyable visit :)

  2. "Time is irrelevant to him."

    Liquid Tardis in a bottle.

  3. T'was nice Jayne.

    Bit like that Brian.