Monday, July 21, 2008

Day 21, back to Hexham

Lucky I passed out early went to bed early. Some bad stuff happened overnight. Nothing nasty, just excessive alcohol consumption by someone's partner's sister who was very sick and did not surface until the early afternoon. She walks on the edge at times and although she was extremely pleasant and kind to us, having us there was taking its toll on her.

D was up, and for once admitting to being a bit hungover. Regardless, he was tidying and ensuring we had some breakfast. We did not hang around for long. We bolted to the caravan. K and J came up later. It was the only day it really rained, and rain it did. It started late morning I think and did not stop until midnight. That is like really raining, pouring down, not abating, no let up. God I wish that would happen here.

Although none of us mentioned it at the time, later we all agreed that we were wondering what we were doing standing under a dripping tree at the caravan park gate waiting for cab when we should have just stayed at the caravan.

None the less, we went to the local ex serviceman's club and had a fine night playing bingo and then having a great entertainer by the name of Robbie Raines (his belt buckle lit up with his name, just in case we did not catch it). Not only could he sing very well, he could entertain too. K doesn't like the club normally, but we all had a fun night.

Our taxi rang at the appointed time of 11 to let us know he was outside and waiting to take us home. Try getting that service in Melbourne.

Another pic from Hexham Park. The poppy flowers were huge and very vivid.
Just the walkway from Hexham Abbey towards the park and then the caravan park.


  1. I was using a toilet at Victoria station, then I was washing my hands and something tugged on my jacket, I looked around and a bloke was brushing me down. ("QUE!!??") I took off quick, then realised it was normal, went back in and gave him five bob.

    (Only in pommyland)

  2. "The poppy flowers were huge and very vivid..."


  3. I would find that very alarming Robert.

    Brian, the adjacent bowls club ladies were ready with knives for the harvest.

  4. Great shots, Andrew. Re the club: Isn't it amazing how you can just decide you're going to have a good time no matter where you go?

  5. *sigh* what a beautiful walkway...'spose you didn't smuggle that back, either?
    Nice cab service, wouldn't happen in Melbourne as, like major tourist spots, they'd never be able to find their mobile phone.

  6. All these photos are good, and the stories entertaining.

  7. Thanks Lad. Yep, if you have to go, then you may as well make the best of it.

    I expect you would get this level of service in from a Newcastle cab too Jayne. R's mother used to have her own personal cab. She gave the driver £5 no matter where she went.

    Thanks Robert. How is the new place?

  8. Anonymous8:04 pm

    On form as always, Andrew. You make bring Britain to life.

  9. Thanks Reuben. I am not a writer, but I am trying in my own personal and perhaps quirky way.

  10. I haven't shifted, Andrew, I left here, but just for a holiday.