Sunday, July 20, 2008

Day 19, Hexham and Aydon Castle

Again we walked to the Hexham shops in the morning and then visit the old Hexham Gaol, the oldest gaol in northern England. Quite interesting, three storeys with a dungeon for the poorest prisoners, not those who had committed the worst crime. A glass lift takes you between the different levels.

While we had seen bits of Hadrians Wall in Newcastle, and of course the car hire place was at Wallsend, we decided to head into the hills to find a bit of wall for ourselves. This was quite difficult as we did not want to go where you had to pay to see it. There is plenty of it left for free viewing, but not easy to find. We ended up having a nice drive, but did not come across any wall.

Instead we found ourselves at Aydon Castle. Until the sixties I think, it was still a private residence, but it is a dinky di castle and it was interesting. Again the ancient sewerage system was featured.

Back to the van via Tescos where we bought some meat pies to have with vegetables. They were a bit smaller than your Four 'n' Twenty but the pastry looked nice and they smelt nice as they were heating in the oven. There were four in the pack, Tescos own brand, and here is what should have given us a clue. The price for four was 59p, or $1.20. Sitting on the pastry base after lifting the lid, was some watery gravy, no sign of meat and some minute pieces of onion. We could nothing else but laugh and Tescos pies became a running joke for the rest of our stay. In fact the joke is still running. They really were a disgrace. Surely they weren't meant to be like that, but then if you think about the price.........

The outer wall of Aydon Castle
Part of the castle itself
A slot for pouring boiling oil onto the enemy. Well, that is my theory.


  1. Trust me Andrew, those Tesco pies really are meant to be like that. Now, if you want a decent pie...a really decent pie...especially a cheese one...there's a little shop I know in Garstang where they're...mmm...just...mmm...I'm getting hungry thinking about 'em.
    Anyhow...never buy pies from Tesco. In fact, if you want my advice, don't buy any food from any supermarket in the UK 'cos it's shit. Trust to the little shops and stuff the big American style chain stores...that's what I always do.

  2. Same all over Brian, the smaller shops have the better home made pies and pasties in Oz, too.
    Andrew, tsk tsk. The castle pics redeemed you a little :P

  3. Cheese pies! How revolting.

    We did patronise a Hexham Bakery a lot Jayne, but Brian may suggest that Greg's Bakery is not exactly a small local shop.

  4.'ve never tasted a cheese and onion pie until you've bought one bursting with proper Lancashire cheese from a proper Lancashire bakery. Cheese pies in supermarkets and chain stores (and that goes for Greg's) don't even contain real cheese, just some disgusting, processed stuff that closely resembles aircraft resin.

  5. Reminds me Brian, doctor said I must have cholesterol test.