Thursday, July 24, 2008

Brush with Fame

There are advantages to rising early. There are also advantages to not rising early too. But by rising early, I get to hear Red Symons on ABC Melbourne Radio in his first half hour of broadcasting. Being before six, he gets away with being a bit risque, a bit silly but usually quite entertaining.

He also gets some strange callers on air and some not so strange ones.

I was only half listening, when something said by a female caller grabbed my attention. Hey, I know who this is. She gave a brilliant time call, down to the thirty seconds and was thanked by Red by a name which a lot of you probably wouldn't know

Hints; mother of teens?, daughter, wife, gardener, home tutor, vegetable grower, museum goer, ex psyche nurse, ex radio broadcaster, amateur historian, humorous, choko loving, and writer of a five star blog full of history, her life and useful, along with useless information.

Got it?

Yep, Jayne, from Our Great Southern Land. As Red sometimes says, Love your work Jayne.


  1. ROFLMFAO Andrew!

    Thank you for the kind words lol.
    I think I added to his strange calls :P

  2. Our Jayne, the meeja whore!

    Next she'll be spilling her guts and banging uglies with that shortsighted egocentric garden gnome Andrew Denton.

    She doesn't need to do that. She could have had me for a packet of Jaffas and a bottle of Rawleigh's Ready Relief.

  3. She cautioned me.

    And I was inspired:

    If there's any fence I would climb,
    Any heart I would invade,
    It's yours.


    Poetry is the truth; nothing but.

  4. From the description there Andrew I thought you were talking about Jade Goody.

  5. OMG. Jade Goody!

    Forks. Eyes.

  6. Anonymous7:23 pm

    Good work, Jayne.

  7. well-spotted Hot Andrew.
    You are the Blogistocracy.

  8. Clearly you were a threat to LO's presenters Jayne.

    Ah M'lord. Probably not a good idea to mention short sighted if you want to win the fair heart of Jayne.

    You are such a romantic Robert.

    Had to google her Brian. 'she's ignorant, stupid and incredibly annoying'. So perhaps M'lord is right to fork his eyes.

    Now she has a taste for fame Reuben.....

    And Ann, she didn't sound like a mad cow.

  9. Anonymous11:38 am

    Our Jayne's a star! I have to listen to more radio.

  10. Deserving as she is LiD, I am a bit worried about her head becoming as big as her.....