Monday, May 26, 2008

Zone Out

An unfinished post that has been hanging around for a couple of weeks and after several tries at fixing it, I am just publishing and be damned.

Sorry, forget who's blog it was, but I was reading someone's blog a week or so ago, and there was a mention of zoning out. I am a schocker for this. I tend to call it drifting off and drift off I certainly do.

Actually, since I have become more conscious of doing it, I have noticed other people doing it, sometimes even to me, witty and entertaining as I am.

While sometimes it can be because a person is very, very boring or the subject matter is, it seems to more a fault of the person who drifts off. Low attention span? Yep, that is me. Someone could be telling me about how the world will end tomorrow, and if he/she started 'going on' a bit, 'hmmmm, damn, I meant to buy some soap the other day' and other such miscellaneous thoughts will enter my head and push to the fore.

Religiously I watch the tv weather forecast every night, and religiously I drift off while he/she tells us what the weather was today. I tune back in just the news is wrapping up and have to ask R, or wait for a later bulletin. I am ok with the short forecasts.

It is just another reason why I am not keen on parties. I may be talking to someone, but then hear a snippet of someone else's chat. Oh, that sounds more interesting and I find myself losing attention on the conversation at hand. Oddly, once I have a couple of drinks, I am fine and not so easily distracted.

I wonder if it is related to me not being able to talk on a phone and drive at the same? In this case, it is because I am focusing very hard on the driving task?

I am not even great at talking with someone while I am driving. When R, his sis and bro in law and I were driving from Potts Point in Sydney to the Blue Mountains, only the third time over thirty years that I had driven in Sydney, I made everyone shut up until we were on the open freeway with no signs to look out for.

So when I really have to concentrate, I really need a lack of any distraction.


  1. I think, alot of it is about our thoughts, patterns of thought, and the things that can interrupt the current thought.
    What you are finding yourself doing now is what is termed as "Watching the thinker", watch your thoughts, you will even find yourself laughing at the thoughts sometimes.
    Creativity comes from our wandering minds sometimes..perhaps even a book could be written from some of them.
    A good book to look at is one I have spoken of before, "The Power of Now" by Eckhardt Tolle. He speaks of watching the thinker. Maybe a good book for you to get into on your flight?

  2. I'm sorry...what were you saying?

  3. My attention span has shortened in the last few years. I'm blaming it on hanging out with friends who have ADD.

  4. I have exactly the same concentration problems, even to missing the crucial part of the weather report I was waiting to hear - day after day.

  5. Most of what we miss is totally missable. Maybe as we mature, we recognise that fact and just can't be bothered.

    Last Friday, we went to have dinner with people we hadn't seen for a few years, and after the initial 'what have you been doing' stuff, I became really bored, started 'zoning out' and looking for the door.

    Older folks have to conserve our declining memory banks.

  6. So not necessarily a bad thing Cazzie. Reading on the plane is something I have yet to address.

    Sorry Brian? What was about what?

    Bless you Daisy Jo. I can claim ADD.

    Victor, I think it says a lot about the way the weather is presented.

    You got it Bliss. Can't be bothered, don't care. I wonder when the equinox point is where you are forgetting more than what you are learning?

  7. I think I zoned out the entire time I was married, certainly for the wedding day. It's the only explanation for answering 'I do' when I really didn't.

  8. It's bad on the roads now, lots of distracted people.

    Yesterday at a roundabout a woman in another car was waiting for me to complete the turn. She was screaming into her phone, while glaring straight at me, and I really wondered if she was screaming at me.

  9. Excuses Jah Teh. You were swooning with lust.

    I can never catch the eye of a motorist to glare at them if they are on their phone Robert. You are a step ahead of me.

  10. More swooning with the beer fumes arising from the groom and his mates.