Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Rick Springfield Speaks to the Sky through his .....

Some of this information comes from The Age.

Rick Springfield recently appeared on Oprah in the US, which is rebroadcast here. Evidently he spent his childhood in the US, moving from small country town to small country town. In the early eighties he landed a small part in a US soap opera and then switched to singing and made his mega hit, Jessie's Girl.

My addled ageing brain must be defective as I am sure I recall him in the seventies. He was hot! He had a fairly ordinary hit, Speak to the Sky and if he had another hit, I can't recall. Different bloke? No, not by the pic.

The Age confirms, he was around in the seventies, in a band with Daryl Cotton called Zoot. Now Zoot was around when I was in secondary school, so how old must this Springfield be? Obviously a good bit older than me.

Wikipedia states that he was born in Sydney in 1949, which makes him 59.

Why would he lie when it is just so easy to find out his details online? Never mind personal memories such as mine. In fact his own website seems to tells it truthfully. Very odd. Has The Age sold me a pup?


  1. He wrote Jesse's Girl in 1977 and he is now 59.
    Rick was in Australia 2007 for the Countdown Spectacular and was the biggest hit with audiences.
    here is a paste from GusWorld Blog -
    Medleys, momentum and missed opportunities
    by Angus Kidman
    Rick Springfield, ‘Affair Of The Heart’, ‘Don’t Talk To Strangers’, ‘Speak To The Sky’, ‘Jessie’s Girl’: With his own drummer but otherwise using the house band, Springfield was an energetic and consummate performer, and as an exiled Aussie, neatly brought together the two conceptual havlves of the show. Even he seemed a bit surprised at doing ‘Speak To The Sky’ (a song so old it predates countdown), and I’d like to see it ditched for ‘I’ve Done Everything For You’. During ‘Don’t Talk To Strangers’, Springfield jumped into the crowd and got several women to sing into the microphone. ‘Jessie’s Girl’ is an unbeatably good climax, and as a headliner Springfield craps all over Sherbet".

    I think The Age taking this "RS lies" stance
    is very ugly.
    They are no better than news Of The World.
    it's his life,
    he earns a living,
    lying is only illegal under oath.

    Rick rocks.

  2. Andrew, even though I'm one of those pesky Gen Y kids, I think you're on to something. He's an Aussie.

    It would be interesting to see whether his background changes depending on his audience.

  3. The 80s version of Rick could have lied to me any time he wanted and I wouldn't have minded a bit. God, those lips!

  4. I've no idea who he is. People were still bashing rocks together to make music when I was young. He looks like a total twat though.

  5. Anonymous5:20 am

    I heard Rick came to America in 1972 to promote his music. That's about when "Speak to the Sky" came out or thereabouts. And that his early years where spent in Australia and England.

    I hope this to straighten out any confusion out there.

  6. RS was a burgeoning Aussie guitar hero by the early 70s. Zoot's 1970 re-working of Eleanor Rigby as if performed by Led Zeppelin should be considered an Aussie classic. Better than anything else he's done. Speak To The Sky was part of the 1970-71 "gospel rock" trend (My Sweet Lord; Spirit In The Sky).

    Springfield was a late 70s to late 80s heart throb on Gen Hospital.

  7. I was a little curious when I read this because I did not recall Rick ever saying he spent his childhood in the US. I still had the show on my DVR and unless they showed something different than in the states, he never said anything about growing up in the US. On Oprahs site there is a post that says he spent some of his childhood in England, which is true (his official site says he moved there at 10 years old). His dad was in the military and they traveled to different countries and different towns. I think "The Age" just reported what they thought they heard and was pretty nasty to call Rick a liar when they didn't have THEIR facts straight. Rick has mentioned many times in other interviews that he was born in Australia and moved around a lot as a kid so I don't think he meant any disrespect by not specifically mentioning his home country. Also, he has duel citizenship, so he still considers himself part Aussie.

  8. Here's a recent interview with him from The Hun with no mention of him growing up in the USA.
    I never knew he'd entertained the troops in Vietnam!
    Perhaps The Aged need to use some hearing aids/reading glasses and the odd double shot of Metamucil :P

  9. All very interesting everyone. I think I can safely conclude that the story in The Age is wrong and RS has been done a mis-service.

  10. Zoot's Eleanor Rigby is a ripper.*


    *Ball tearer.

  11. Yes, I was born in 71, yet I grew up with so much music, my mum always had the radio on and if that wasn;t on we would .listen to LPs and my Uncle would come to our place which was out in the middle of no where and cherish the fact he could play his records at any sound level he liked because it would not disturb anything but the cows!
    My Uncle had a collection of records that I have never ever seen before..and I have not seen anyone with a bigger collection yet. All the Queen, Elton John, Davi Bowie, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Tina Turner..everything..and yes, Zoot! Some of the records, well, quite a few actually, had images on the vunyl itself. I loved sitting there listening to tunes and reading the covers back and front, and staring at all the images on the covers too.
    Of course, you are right, what a hunk Rick is :)