Sunday, May 25, 2008

O/S trip update

There is a enough to do in Singapore. I have yet to look up a gay bar, in spite of urging from friends. We don't really do bars nowadays. Maybe we will make the effort. For the rest, we have decided to rely on the tour desk at the hotel. I clipped a couple of pertinent pages from last months RACV journal.

I have carefully checked the hop on hop off tourist buses in London, there are only two, and they will occupy a day or more. I forget which day, but we are booked to go on the Chunnel train to Paris for some ambience, lunch inside the Eiffel Tower, and a river cruise. We will see the outside of some notable places. At one point I will call out, the bells Quasimodo, the bells. I am smoking a Sobranie as I write with a short black at hand.

It was my idea to catch the train from London to Newcastle. I had visions of travelling on the steam powered Flying Scotsman. I guess the train will be full of poor people and backpackers. Who catches trains in England? R's family never do, and they are basic as.

R's sister has booked us a trip to Amsterdam by ferry, three nights I think.

A visit to to the famous Brian down Fleetwood way could be on the cards but it has not been pre booked.

Nephew seems to have insufficient money to make his trip to Glasgow and therefore us to visit him, but we may take a trip in that direction regardless.

Hopefully we can wrap up the all the family stuff in the first week and then just appreciate where we are and then explore.

Traveller's tip: If your crappy bank is like mine, they will charge you to buy some foreign currency. Each currency, a separate charge. ANZ, $8 per currency for a faithful customer. For anyone else, $8. We have SG$130, which should go a long way, £200, which will disappear in five minutes, and €30, which might be enough for a cup of coffee in Paris, but I am sure we will spend what is left in Amsterdam on a nice biscuit in a cafe.

Oh yeah, the tip. Australia Post do not charge for foreign currency, order one day, collect the next. Check the exchange rate though. I ended up buying at the bank, because the bank exchange rate was better, but checking later, I would have saved money buying at the PO.

Just one of many mistakes made in booking our trip. But we have had some wins too.

Counting down now, a week at this time, we will just be in Singapore. We are frafully busy so don't expect much in the way of blog posts. I would say I am a state of mild panic.

Next Saturday night, our last night, we will dine at the Dick Whittington pub in Chapel Street, with all the folk we can muster, all our friends including the brother friends who will be back from Thailand, but not the ex NT pollie/policeman and his Fijian Indian b/f as they are in Canada cruising. To people I know well via my blog, I dare you to turn up. I am not as bad as I sound in my blog. (Shut up Vik)


  1. I just realized how long you're going to be gone. Will miss you. It will be the trip of a lifetime.

  2. Trip of a lifetime is the only way I can justify the debt Daisy Jo. I will miss you too. Infrequent posters I may catch up on, but frequent, probably not. Odd how often I think of blog mates during a normal day.

  3. Anonymous11:45 pm

    What ever do you mean 'shut up Vik'??? You are sweetness and light personified, my love - I would never say otherwise!

    Have a fantastic trip. Vik.

  4. Anonymous12:12 am

    It may have been better to wait until Singapore to change the rest of your currency.

    I can also recommend a great London blog - - which is very entertaining, plus it has heaps of useful information about local transport.

    Good luck, and have a great trip


    PS: I find dares hard to resist and am almost tempted to turn up on Saturday. Will have to check with the social secretary!

  5. Andrew,

    Make sure you bring your trowel.

  6. Lordy it's going to be a slow descent into insanity without your posts...or maybe a quick rush!
    A dare to turn up?!
    I might unshackle The Spouse and myself from the house, if I can bribe Feral Queen to do the "babysitting the grandfather and Feral Beast" thing.

  7. Have a terrific time. I hope you do get the chance to blog whilst you are away but if not I look forward to your return.

  8. Thank you Vik. :)

    Thanks Walker. The site sounds useful.

    Will we build some Roman ruins Brian?

    Yeah well Jayne, there is a lot about Australia I am not going to learn. Thanks.

    Thanks Victor. I don't intend to blog, but who knows.

  9. I'll run his blog for him.


  10. To liven you up, you dreary old queens!

  11. (Shit)

    (Made a blue already)

  12. Don't tell me I am going to have to shut off comments while I am away Robert?

  13. Are you at work, why aren't you working?

  14. Anonymous3:47 pm

    Best of luck in the UK, Andrew. Don't be afraid to be ostentatious.

    Singapore airport has free massage machines and $1 sushi. It's advisable to stop over there if you have to stop over.

    I would turn up at the Chapel street joint briefly if I:

    a) Weren't studying for exams
    b) Living in Thornbury
    c) Felt awkward with people thirty years my senior who I've never met before.

  15. I think you will have a wonderful time on your trip. It is always the way, seemingly a rush to get ready, make sure everything is packed, nothing forgotten, and then, you will board the plane and just look forward!
    The invite sounds great for Saturday night..Dick Whittington Pub..look out!

  16. I don't have access to a computer at work Robert. I was home for lunch. Oh for the luxury of blogging in work time.

    All valid points for non attendance Reuben. You are excused and thanks.

    Hope I haven't oversold the night Cazzie. It will just be a meal. Apart from packing, nearly everything is done and organised.

  17. How could you go to Singapore without sipping a Singapore Sling in Raffles Hotel?

  18. On the agenda Ben. Maybe high tea too.

  19. I may call in for a bit after work on Saturday night. If that is ok?

  20. "Will we build some Roman ruins Brian?" could just do with a hand sorting out the back garden.

  21. Course welcome Cazzie. So maybe you, maybe Jayne, maybe Walker. We probably leave by about nine/nine thirty.

  22. Anonymous1:33 pm

    Have a fantastic trip Andrew!!!! Wow, I can't believe it has come around so quick. I will be in the country next weekend or I might have plucked up the courage to take up your dare. I just will have to wait to read all about your adventures when you return from abroad.

    I think The Flying Scotsman visited Australia in the '80's or 90's and the rest of my family went on a trip to somewhere on it. I wish I had gone with them now.

  23. Thanks LiD. Have fun in the bush and yes, the Flying Scotsman did visit here I have heard.

  24. Sorry I won't make it Andrew but galloping poverty has overtaken and trampled me flat.

  25. Never mind Jah Teh. I will have a little gin for you.

  26. I may just have to wander down Chapel St way tonight...

  27. Have a gin for me too.

    And a martini as well as the gin for ole Coppertop. (She loves being stirred but not shaken and alert but not alarmed.)

  28. Anonymous10:21 am

    If only I'd realised earlier, I'd have popped in last night for sure!