Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ohhh, Jamie

Our naughty Jamie has annoyed Phil the Greek. Jamie, Jamie, you must think of the Anglo Australian relationship. Yes, we know Phil is a pompous and racist old grouch, but best you button your lips when he is around. He knows some powerful and influential people.

From The Times Online.

The Duke of Edinburgh astonished gardeners at the Chelsea Flower Show when he turned his back and stalked off after a designer politely corrected him on the identity of a palm.

“I didn’t want a bloody lecture,” Prince Philip was heard to mutter after being told he had mistaken the name of a plant.

Jamie Durie, the designer of the Fleming’s Nurseries Australian Garden at the show, explained later that he had been showing the Duke around the showpiece when he put his royal visitor right. “It was my first experience of Prince Philip. He said to me, ‘I do like your tree fern’. I said, ‘Actually, it’s not a tree fern, it’s a member of the Cycad family. It’s a Macrozamia moorei’. With that, he walked off. I was quite shocked – I so didn’t mean to offend him.

“He said, ‘I didn’t come here to get a lesson’, under his breath as he walked away – one of the boys heard him say that. I thought, ‘Well, you did ask.’

“I was trying to be as courteous as I could and give him the right information. He just walked away. Maybe he was a bit tired.”

Mr Durie is a celebrity television gardener in Australia, having previously worked as a stripper with a group called ManPower.

Adam Savage, one of the gardeners who helped construct the garden, which was yesterday awarded a Royal Horticultural Society gold medal, said that he’d heard the Duke mutter, perhaps jokingly, to an aide: “I didn’t want a bloody lecture.”


  1. Andrew, was that post just an excuse to look for and post that picture?

  2. Just happened to have one at hand Tony.

  3. Tsk, tsk.
    Someone forgot his royal castor oil that morning, didn't one, hmmm?

  4. Phil is as dumb as a box simply because he doesn't know a treefern from a cycad and won't listen when the difference is explained.
    he bred a few idiots too.
    Charles and Andrew haven't got a brain between em.

  5. What sort of duke do you want?
    A colourless sycophantic obliging duke always saying lovely things?

    Or do you want a human being?

  6. Anonymous8:53 pm

    Bloody know it all convicts from the colonies! You should know your place and keep at it. Now go away, there's a good chap.

  7. He's pretty scrumptious looking, I have to admit! And I do like Phillip's quip back. He's always been a grumpy old man, and I love him for it.

    PS: I've been meaning to ask you for awhile, did you write into the mX recently?

  8. Permanent state I think Jayne.

    Shock horror, Bwca may have republican tendencies.

    What is that running from the corner of your mouth Cazzie?

    If we must have royals Robert, I want them perfect and beyond reproach.

    Thanks for your contribution Brian.

    Ok Rosanna, you have got me. I do kinda of like his grumpiness. And no, I don't write to papers generally as they don't publish me. What was it about then? Pvt if you like. I am curious.

  9. "I was quite shocked – I so didn’t mean to offend him."

    He should have sent the leeching old fossil in my direction. I'd have offended him considerably more.

    "Thanks for your contribution Brian."

    Wasn't me Andrew. (Strongly suspect the beard of Sedgwick might have had a hand in that comment somewhere.)

  10. Ok Brian. I don't think it was M'lord. He seems indisposed at the moment.

  11. He's probably still trying to catch that mangy horse which broke at the start and ran instead of trotting on Thursday.

    He'll probably wander out from under his hiding rock and blame his missus.


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