Monday, May 19, 2008

Million Paws Walk

Our dyke friends have a dog, a cute enough dog, but I don't love dogs with a passion unless they are my own. Last year, they planned to participate in the RSPCA's Million Paws Walk around Albert Park Lake, but due to St Kilda Road being closed, they could not get there very easily. This year they registered before hand and asked if we would like to join them.

Our original plan was to meet them at the starting point and do the whole walk. The night before, we decided we would truncate our walk and just meet them at the point on the lake nearest our place. On the day of the event, we realised it was a decent walk to the lake from our place and a decent walk home. We decided we would catch a tram down St Kilda Road and meet them at Powerhouse.

As we stood at the tram stop waiting for an infrequent Sunday morning tram, a cold blast of wind came in from the south, bringing a shower. We were on the verge of sending a 'this is absurd' text and coming back inside. But we persisted and met up with them and walked perhaps three kilometres rather than the full lake circumference of five.

Just to compensate for the effects of a walk, we found a stall selling egg and bacon sandwiches, and nice they were too. We watched some Carlton football players taking their dogs through an easy hazard course. The girls went on their way for lunch and we decided rather than go to town via home, we go straight to the city on the Clarendon Street tram. More bits and pieces bought and then home to book a day trip to Paris from London. Train to Paris and lunch half way up the Eiffel Tower has to be good, but my hand is trembling badly every time I enter my credit card number online.

It was a busy enough turn out.

Little Bella and friend try sharing a stick.


  1. Mmm...egg and bacon butty. That's it...I'm off for breakfast.

  2. Anonymous6:29 pm

    RSPCA are great guys. Glad you went along for the support Andrew.

    Don't worry about your credit card. I can guarantee you that you'll be charged. Don't feel dubious. It's a just a fact.

  3. I didn't even realise it was on or I probably would have gone too. I'm surprise it wasn't advertised, or did I just not see it.

  4. Brian, I would have never have known what an egg and bacon butty was, or a chip butty for that matter, if I did not have an England born partner.

    Your assurances are very un reassuring Reuben, but you are right of course.

    A lot of publicity in Victoria Jo. I think it may have started here.

  5. Anonymous8:08 pm

    I do my best, Andrew.

  6. I know what you mean about the credit-card hand tremble, what with vacation reservations in June and business trip reservations in July. Kinda scary!

  7. So you will be away at the same time Daisy Jo. We shan't miss each other too much then. I checked on a side trip to Lancaster but Concorde is no longer flying.

  8. Is Bella that Shih Tzu ? I used to have one of those and he was wonderful. I miss him terribly.

    You however, will always have Paris.
    and you'll be having it for me too, as I have never seen it, so please do have the most wonderful time.

  9. Anonymous10:47 pm

    Egg and bacon sandwiches... mmm. Despite the fact that I'm ready for bed, you now have me contemplating a run to the kitchen...

  10. If I was not working on Sunday I would have taken Bondi and the kids to our own paw walk here areound the little man-made lake they have out the other side of Werr-i-bee. Good for you for going anyhow...what a busy event it was!

  11. It looked extra busy on the tv news but the egg and bacon sanga surely made up for the wet doggy smell :P

  12. Yep, the little one Bwca. I did not know she is one of those. She is a bit of a mix.

    MD, hope you resisted.

    A small one would be perhaps more fun Cazzie. Next year.

    Pretty well Jayne. The footy players helped too.