Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Green workplace

I have written about my work place's effort to be green before. While there are some water savings, I would suggest it has generally been a miserable failure. This is because it is not controlled by anyone. Things are put in place by contractors at the whim of someone.

Waterless urinals stink, and so no one is using them and instead using individual toilets, although some must use them or they wouldn't stink. The individual toilets use far more water than the old urinal would. They have half and full flush buttons, but they are not maintained. They all full flush.

The hot water unit had to moved to put in a safe working stair case for roof access. Flow restrictors and aerators were added to the hand basins. Result, no hot water at basins unless you wait more than three minutes of running water. Even then, it is only tepid.

Recycling bins. There is a metal/glass recycling bin and an office paper bin. These are together in a often walked past area, but there is no general rubbish bin nearby. You can guess what happens. For people to use recycling bins, there must always be a general rubbish bin too, or the recycling bin will be so badly contaminated, it is pointless. Idiots.

Of course where most of the rubbish is generated, the staff eating room, there is only a general rubbish bin. Bottles, cans, newspapers, food scraps all go in the general bins.

Tanks. We have them with pumps. So poorly planned. Less than half the roof catchment is utilised. One 20,000 litre tank empties from full in two weeks and reverts to mains water while others never drop below 3/4 full.

I am not qualified to criticise plumbers, but if tanks need an overflow, isn't it possible that as much water needs to flow out of a tank as can flow in. Why have a huge inlet pipe and an overflow pipe half the size? The result of course is water just floods out of the tank in a heavy downpour once the tank is full.

Quite exasperating really. I wish I could care more.


  1. Anonymous3:33 pm

    Sounds like mismanagement. It's like public transport - the best thing possible for an urban area, but sadly mismanaged resulting in poor quality service.

    I envy Japan and Europe for their forwards, service-orientated thinking - compared to the third-world standards of management here in Australia.

  2. Andrew, that's really piss poor.

  3. Let them get some grade 5/6 kids in from a Primary School, they will teach them ho to conserve and how to set up systems to save water, care for the way rubbish is sorted and so on, I know, because my kids do the same thing here..and they do it at school too.

  4. "I am not qualified to criticise plumbers..."


    There are cockroaches with their heads crushed and half their brains hanging out that are qualified to criticise plumbers.

  5. I certainly does Reuben.

    Pun intended Jah Teh.

    Yes, brilliant Cazzie.

    Thinking about it more Brian, yes, you are right.

  6. We have the same issue, so don't think that location has any bearing (although we are short of the water tanks). I don't mind the waterless urinals (being a smoker has at least one advantage - reduced sense of smell). However, upstairs is unchanged and we certainly don't have anything as technically advanced like half-flushing toilets!
    We have the same problems with the bins, however we have paper, glass/plastic and the regular bins all together downstairs and dickheads still are too lazy to read.

    As for the actual structure of the program, I fear that it is merely a bit of window dressing. It's great being green, but not much good when you've got the shittiest stock in the system (the stock's the bit that counts, isn't it?)

  7. What Rob? Air con Zeds, comfortable A's and the best tram in the system, B's.

  8. The AC Zeds came with awful modifications to the cabin that have removed the left arm rest and totally obscured the external on-side mirror. End result - discomfort. The As aren't too bad, but the absence of door flaps on some of them is a pain. As for the Bs, they're excellent - so long as another depot hasn't pinched them for some reason.

    I can tell you now that none of these trams have been chosen at random. Whenever a tram gets moved from a depot, it's usually the most defective/dirty/crappy one they can muster. The dregs if you will.