Friday, May 23, 2008

Cuffed by the Sheriff

Our Victorian state Sheriff's role is entirely different to those in the US. But I believe they do carry a badge in the shape of a star. I am pleased to say, I have never been shown one.

Off the top of my head and without actually having any facts, as per usual, they are court order enforcers and deal with court ordered debt repayment, confiscation of goods in lieu and the collection of overdue government and local council fines. They have quite a lot of power.

My only experience of them until now was a couple of years ago when I saw their van set up in Prahran supermarket carpark. They were noting number plates and 'having a word' to the owners, to say the least.

I saw a car in a side street in Malvern during the week. It had a huge yellow sticker over the front windscreen and another over the side window. I assumed it was an abandoned car and that the stickers had been placed by the local council. However by this picture published in The Herald Sun, I now know who put it there.

'Tis the Sheriff wot dun it. I ought to have looked down at the car's wheels.

So are as I know, only the Sheriff has the power to clamp a car's wheels, and then only since a legislative change a year ago. And clamping they have been doing. If you are owing over $1,000 in parking and traffic fines, expect the Sheriff to clamp your car if he notices it and you will then have negotiate repayment of the fines before your car is freed.

In absolute glee, I notice that the Sheriff has clamped some expensive European made cars.


  1. I'm with you in glee at the expensive cars getting clamped.

  2. I wonder if I could borrow the clamps for a few taxi drivers, not the cars just the drivers.

  3. Broadcasting Today From His Northern Headquarters: Thornbury, The Palace Of Mr Mad King Geoff -A Bloke Who Can't Keep His Hand Off His Stick.

    RH Says: The sheriff can enter your apa-a-a-artment or whatever and seize your belongings. They are then auctioned off, proceeds going to THE STATE!

    Okay? So how do you like that.

    Miss Brownie's car got clamped outside Dan Murphy's as she came out with a cask under each arm. "Keep the fucken thing!" she bellowed, "I'll go home on the fucken bus!" The sheriff, it is said, took one look, then ran for his life.



  4. It's a good thing we don't have that practice here, or my friends might be in trouble.

  5. I know of a few people who would do to have their feet, maybe another story.
    Not sure if I envy the Sherrif's job at all.

  6. Anonymous10:28 pm

    Also broadcasting from Thornbury central, I must commend the local authorities responsible. To my knowledge, there is only two streets with parking restrictions in my neighbourhood...leading to all matter of tomfoolery around vehicular parking angles.

  7. You with me then Jayne.

    Taxi driver clamps are called handcuffs Jah Teh. You would like to handcuff one or two for your pleasure?

    That is how I understand it too Robert. You ought not say such clearly untrue things about about our Brownie. I have had a drop has never passed her lips.

    Daisy Jo, perhaps your real life proper Sheriff deals with such recalcitrants.

    Children or emergency ward patients and friends Cazzie?

  8. "Our Victorian state Sheriff's role is entirely different to those in the US."

    Here in Blighty, it's the sherrif's job to wear a little black pointed beard, sneer nastily a lot and shoot arrows at Robin Hood.

  9. Those duties you mentioned are ones that US sheriffs started out having.

    Haha, we have "boots" that get put on car tires also, here. But those stickers? Great idea.

  10. Bad enough with parking rules Reuben. Plenty of wrong side of the road parking?

    I think we may be visiting the Sheriff's town while there Brian. Some relative......I dunno.

    Hi Angela. Our Sheriffs are just public servants. I think yours are elected?

  11. Andrew,

    Don't believe the hype. Robin Hood originated in the Wyre. Those theiving so and so's at Nottingham only claim he's one of theirs because there's nothing else worth visiting the place for.

  12. One of their dirtiest tricks was to turn up at your place and demand you hand over your drivers licence. I didn't give them mine, but what a joke, taking my license would never stop me driving anyway.

  13. Miss Brownie has a drink. Then she has another. And another.
    On a recent stay in hospital (DT ward) she switched the saline bag with Bacardi.

    If you think this is not true, get a back copy of the Ballarat Advertiser, March 16. It's all there, the entire rukus. And them some.


  14. Gee, you make Miss Brownie sound very interesting Robert.