Wednesday, May 21, 2008

City of Port Phillip Skate Park

A small residents' victory has occurred within the City of Port Phillip. The planned skate park for Fitzroy Street has been stopped by the Supreme Court of Victoria and it has been ordered back to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal and an independent panel.

I don't like skate parks much. They attract trouble, anti social behaviour and noise, but kiddies need someone to skate.

The problem with the CoPP skate park proposal was its location. St Kilda attracts people, which attracts more people and it is now somewhat over run on weekends by tourists of the local type, and those from further afield. Mega dollars are spent at the beach front now, and since there is a lot of open space, why not put the skate ramp there? It could only add to the so called atmosphere. Instead they want to put it in a quiet area of parkland, with the only nearby activity being a primary school. This is very valued parkland and an area where the local Aborigines had a strong presence.

The silliest part for me is that the council argues that it needs to be provided for the local kids. There are a few very middle class kids in one direction and they are still some distance away, that is Middle Park. I don't think they care much for skating. Otherwise, St Kilda is pretty well bereft of kids.

The users of the skate park will be all out of towners, not only attracted by the skate park, but by the 'ambience' of St Kilda.

I would hate to think what the council has cost ratepayers with their fight for this skate park against such heavy resident opposition.

City of Port Phillip, encouraging anti social behaviour in a park near you and spending ratepayers money very unwisely.

I think, no longer the four years ago, perhaps even three, I was quite proud to live in Port Phillip. I was happy for some of my rates to be spent on expensive public art projects and other things that added amenity to our local council area. This is not so any more. The waste, the opposition to residents, wanky things like you may have read in The Age this week about the employment of a spiritual type to re-organise the council structure, for so many tens of thousands of dollars, the skate park, the Triangle site, my duplicitous local ward councillor, providing housing for the poor (clearly not the responsibility of the rubbish bins and drains people, that is our council).

I am just fed up with them. I think in the eighties, pretty well the whole council was overturned by residents' votes and pro residents councillors were elected, headed by Mary Lou Jelbart. I hope this happens again at the next election.


  1. "...kiddies need someone to skate."

    Er...somewhere to skate surely, Andrew? (Unless of course you're advocating a personal Torvil and Dean for every school.)

    Personally I'd recommend an extremely deep lake covered by an even more extremely thin layer of ice for the kiddies to use at their leisure.

  2. Heard on the wireless the State govt is scrapping town planning with councils and making a 5 person panel to decide developments.
    2 people directly from council, 2 people directly from State Govt and the 5th - "an independent person appointed by...drum roll....the State Govt.
    Wasn't it Madden that approved that hideous monstrosity in Camberwell Junction?!

  3. I think the beach sounds like a lovely place for a skate park.

    Do travelers really take their skates with them?

  4. Anonymous12:26 pm

    I agree Andrew, somewhere along the beachfront is perfect - it is already a recreation zone for bikes, roller blading etc. It makes sense to have a skate park down there where everyone can share the facilities rather than in a lonely place where mischief can more easily be made.

  5. Sadly Brian, we don't have ice to get rid of our kiddies in that manner.

    Jayne, Madden who lectures people about the size of their McMansions, as he adds more space to his already large two story home.

    Probably not Daisy Jo. I saw a tram run over a skate board one day. I felt immense pleasure.

    Just too easy LiD.

  6. Anonymous4:21 pm

    I don't think there's anything wrong with skateparks. Remember, 'attracting' anti-social behavior means nothing when anti-social behavior still exists ubiquitously. If anti-social behavior's the problem, the government should target that - skate parks or otherwise.

  7. Yes I agree with rvb and would have a go over this, but after your niceness in presenting Zoot my heart isn't in it.
    I'm easily corrupted I can tell you -by good looking dames most of all.

  8. Maybe I'll just say that when the latte set elected the latte set onto council it lost no time in evicting the abos from their little reserve in Fitzroy Street.

  9. Course there is Reuben. They attract young people, noisy and full of energy and they can run without puffing. I hate them.

    Ha, the last thing I want is a nice Robert. It was Kennett's doing that the Aboriginal triangle was 'closed down'. But they only moved up the street to the gutter outside the Gatwick.

  10. Kennet wasn't in govt when the abos were kicked out, piggy kirner was still premier. It was the council that evicted them, after shopkeepers across the road complained about the squalor. And so they then moved across to Catani gardens where they dragged all the park benches up around the rotunda, it was there that their "chief", Robbie Hunter, gave me a dog, a pup.
    I knew Hunter (a full-blood abo) very well. He died eight years ago in Port Melbourne commision flats. The booze killed him.

  11. I remember Robbie Hunter, just. Not the dog who recently died?

    Didn't the black fellahs get moved out for the Grand Prix?

  12. I've got a photo of him collapsed on floor of the George -passed out, but clutching the neck of a upright plonk bottle. I'd like to send it to you, you could post it up.

    Yes, same dog.

  13. Anonymous11:33 pm

    Have any of you actually sat at a skate park and seen the energy expended by both boys and few girls. I am thrilled by the athletic ablity demonstrated by all and marvel at each of the rollerbladers, skateboard riders, scooterers and trick bikes. Enjoy the activity. Don't critisise unless you've actually sat and watched for 15 minutes. D

  14. Anon, you are arguing like people who are defensive of private schools. Private schools are marvellous and so are skate parks for the kiddies. Pity the parents of the kiddies from Upper Combuctor West can't afford the fees. Private schools give great education, and a well located skating park is a joy to behold.

    The proposed location of the St Kilda Skate Park is wrong. It should be beach side.