Friday, April 18, 2008

The TV

Wot I bin watchin.

I seem to be watching less and less tv, or rather concentrating less and less on tv.

I am still enjoying my weekly dose of All Saints. You gotta have some schlock in your life. A couple of million other Australians agree with me. I have given up on The Bill, gradually. It was ok when it was one episode Tuesday night and one Saturday night. Two on Saturday night, which usually get taped, have to be watched later. Can't be bothered. Also given up on Desperate Housewives. They should have wrapped it up after the last series.

Collectors, tick. Can We Help, tick, although I find Peter Rowsthorn hard going. Media Watch, without fail, but usually on the pc when I have a spare five. Is it just me, or is Spicks and Specks getting a bit tired? I try and concentrate on Brothers Sisters, but my attention often drifts off.

I check who Peter Thompson is interviewing on Talking Heads. Maybe I will watch. Mostly I see Australian Story.

Often I tune in and out of Today Tonight, depending on the story. 7.30 Report is a must see, although I do sometimes miss it. Stateline really is a must see. Never miss it. I would like to watch every state edition of Stateline and I can on ABC2, but the times don't suit me, even if I had the time, and the tv to myself. I try to catch Landline, but Sunday noon is not a great time for me.

I have been watching East of Everything. Somewhat ponderous, but very pretty. There was a bit of gem on Channel Ten a few weeks ago. Forgotten the name now, but it was set in the Blue Mountains. Also very pretty.

Monday nights, ten pm on SBS never disappoints. After the very good show Skins finished, Synchronisity? started. Excellent!! Missed the last one, bugger. More are being made.

Einstein Factor! Bah, how do some people know so much about one thing. I don't have the passion nor the memory. Weird, but very watchable. I did rather well with geography last week.

Sometimes Meg and Dave on the Movie Show. I heard someone say recently that the best reason to give up smoking is to see Margaret's face. How cruel. I quite like her looks anyway.

Robin Hood has become more and more camp as it goes on. Bit of fun.

Stress Buster had been interesting. I love anything Management V Worker. I have seen one edition of Four Corners this year. Very worthy but would have to tape it and watch it later. I have enough tape confusion as it is.

Catalyst and The Cook and the Chef of course. I just adore Maggie and Simon and the way they interact.

Compass sometimes, ditto Enough Rope.

Sounds like I watch an awful lot of tv, but being a multi tasker, it is usually on while I am sitting here. Actually, not being a great multi tasker, I miss quite a lot of what I supposedly watch.


  1. Agree with you on the brothers & sisters comment, Andrew. Lately it seems as though the storyline has been dragged out somewhat and I'm beginning to lose interest.

    I really enjoyed Life on Mars recently and was sorry to see it come to an end. Gene Hunt has to be the most repugnant yet strangely likeable character on telly.

  2. One I missed mentioning MD. It was compelling. Oddly likeable,yeah. Different times.

  3. Anonymous1:55 pm

    Ah you will have to wait awhile to watch Underbelly in your neck of the woods, Andrew. Such a good aussie production of the criminal element of Melbourne, now being played out in the court rooms down there. Will be worth the wait I am sure.

  4. I also find Peter Rowsthorn heavy going. I liked him on Kath and Kim but don't find him funny elsewhere.

    I like Brothers and Sisters for all the beautiful men and gay themes but the family dynamics thing is getting a bit tiring for me.

    I watch Unit One, Thursday nights on SBS. The Danish open sex lives thing is fascinating and I like seeing Mads Mikkelsen (apart from his teeth, lol).

  5. East of Everything is good, I agree it's a bit slow but enjoyable.
    Life on Mars was great, waiting to see the sequel Ashes to Ashes!
    Bed of Roses on ABC1 looks promising too.
    Peter Rowsthorn is too uninspiring/uninterested in the subject, like he's marking time till his contract ends.

  6. Anonymous3:41 pm

    Jayne, Life on Mars is totally brilliant. We're doing a spoof with that on Electro Muskrats.

    Everyone can go to the official website at:

    We're still in production/pre production but by September, we'll have six (24minute) episodes on SBS and Channel 31.

  7. Excellent Reuben, I'll have a gander :)

    Compass this Sunday looks good- Brunswick Salvo's and their "tragic history" in WW2.

  8. W'ot? No Time Team?!

    "Also given up on Desperate Housewives. They should have wrapped it up after the last series."

    They should have wrapped it up after the first episode if you ask me.

    Incidentally...Ashes to Ashes was quite enjoyable, this time set in 80's London with a female protagonist. Gene Hunt and his motley crew are back in fine fettle though.

    Just avoid Torchwood like the plague.

  9. I am so pleased you love The Cook and The Chef, I also adore the way they bounce off of each other and they make the most lovely recipes together..and so different too!
    A show I watched and balled my eyes out watching was Discovering HMAS was very gripping, enlightening and so marvellous that there is closure for so many families re finding the watery grave of over 500 men from WW2.
    I love Landline too, sometimes they have re runs of it during the week, my only time to catch up on it when possible.
    So glad you are a multi tasker Andrew, not an easy thing :)

  10. there's not much that I watch regularly these days.. I usually download Media Watch as I always forget to see it on Monday nights. Usually get sucked in to shows like So You Think You Can Dance although am boycotting The Biggest Loser and will keep clear of Big Brother. The Simpsons is always a favourite especially when i hit a re-run that i'd not seen before. And waiting for the next The Amazing Race to begin, whenever Seven decide to let us see that. Used to like watching RockWiz but got a bit bored seeing their 'celebrity' contestants are less famous or more obscure than the ones picked from the audience!
    And of course there is Eurovision next month!!

  11. I would have liked to have seen it Anon. It will screen here eventually. Not sure if I will watch then. Might feel a bit stale.

    Rowsthorn is not a nasty guy Victor, but just a bit too silly without being clever about it. And surprise, surprise, the guy who plays the gay brother is gay! I did watch an episode of Unit One when is started, but I forget now.

    Good characters in East of Everything Jayne, and great acting.

    You've been signed up Reuben? Great news.

    Certainly agree about Torchwood Brian. Silly nonsense and in spite of gay Captain Jack, I don't bother with it.

    I did not watch the show about the HMAS Sydney Cazzie. I should have taped it and watched it later.

    I could get into Amazing Race TVAU, but I haven't as yet. I have seen a bit of it. Simpsons and me never clicked. Can't believe it has been running for ?? years.

  12. I used to hang off every episode of Lost, but now it leaves me lost. The long mid season break caused by the writers strike didn't help either. Only 2 more seasons to go.

    I've got to agree with you about the Cook and the Chef, those two just keep amazing each other.

    Gotta go, Dr Who season 1 repeat is on in a few minutes...

  13. I've seen a bit of Lost. Intriguing for sure.

    (Sounds of departing Tardis enter head)

  14. Top Gear is good.

    The much feted 'Canal Road' was a bit amateurish, but may improve in the next episode.

    If they show another repeat of 'Midsomer Murders', I'll scream. New stuff, please ABC!

  15. Was busy with Little Jo when Canal Road was on Bliss, but I didn't like what I saw much. I keep meaning to catch Top Gear, but I forget. Re Midsomer, indeed.

  16. Anonymous1:53 pm

    Heard from a friend ful 13 episodes of Underbelly are available for downloading free from the net. He uses Limewire.

  17. I believe they are Anon. Also on dvd is some of the dodgy markets.

  18. I am semi-enjoying East of Everything. The hippy girl irks me to no end, but the music is to die for. I even brought the soundtrack (should you want a copy).

    As for TV? There is nothing else I really watch... Emerald Falls is the show you were thinking of on Channel 10.

    I often watch Foreign Correspondent or the Kurt Willander movies on SBS on a Sunday night... but they haven't had any on air for a whole fortnight!

  19. Yes, the music is good. That is it, Emerald Falls.

  20. The best part of "Robin - I'm really Brad Pitt's understudy - Hood" is that it is followed by "Creature Comforts".

    "Big Love" on SBS is a top soapy hoot.

  21. Will check out Big Love M'lord. Surprised R has not found it.


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