Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Sunday

After a few drinks last night, we decided we would go out for a nice lunch. Brighton Baths? Too busy. Williamstown? Too busy. In the harsh light of the morning, plans changed. The day's food was pancakes at home for breakfast, decent cup of coffee and some KFC.

We had coffee at CERES. I had not been there before. It is perched above the steep bank down to Merri Creek in East Brunswick and covers a several hectares. CERES stands for Centre for Education and Research in Environmental Strategies. I could go into a confusing and detailed explanation of what is there, but you can read the website.

We were still full from the pancakes, so just had coffee. The cafe food was very enticing though. The staff, as many passionate 'green' people are, were dour and serious. At least they were efficient, unlike the staff at the Abbotsford Convent vegetarian place where we tried to eat once, but ended up walking out.

I am reminded too when we ate with our friend from Japan at Soul Mamas at St Kilda. We asked the manager if the staff are vegetarian and he said no as vegos tend not to make good staff.

As for CERES, it would be great for school groups or kids to play, but I did not find it very interesting. There were plenty of community gardens there, and an orchard or two. Perhaps a guided tour would be the way to go.

Unlike most people, and the place was very busy, we left a minimal carbon foot print by catching the tram to and from. There were just so many cars in the carpark area.

We walked the local streets a bit. I felt that discomfort I usually feel once I get past Carlton. Everything seems a bit odd. The same, but different. I did come across a lovely pub on the corner of Blythe and Nicholson Street. Four storey I think. Very impressive.

I have to go back that way with the camera and I will take a picture. I came across three old signs to add to Tony's marvellous old sign Google map. He has just updated it. Please, if you know of some old signs that are not on his site, let one of us know or better still, take a pic yourself and send it to Tony via his website. You will get your name in lights on the google map like I have and he can even link your blog.

For once, there were no tram disruptions and the service worked perfectly. However, a mere hour after we left the city to go to East Brunswick, Bourke and Swanston Street services were disrupted by a demonstration.

Once back in town, we had a single Asahi at Cookie, our wicked meal of KFC, did some shopping and home to peace and quiet, except for the quietly simmering pot of rich spag bol sauce on the stove. Better give it stir as the cook is having a nana nap.

Here is satellite picture of CERES.

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  1. "The day's food was pancakes at home for breakfast, decent cup of coffee and some KFC."

    Food and KFC? Now there are two words you don't often find in the same sentance...unless it's the answer to 'Give an example of an oxymoron'.

  2. I have seen a couple of old signs recently, now I've got to get the grey matter working to remember exactly where!lol
    Twas an ideal day for nana naps lol :P

  3. Anonymous8:41 pm

    Discomfort past Carlton? I live in Thornbury (near CERES actually) and YOU felt it was disconcerting. Perhaps the city life has cultivated a sense of confusion whence amongst typical suburbia.
    And yes, I agree, CERES is a nice place. Good to relax in.

  4. Anonymous8:43 pm

    Ah, but did you have a look at the only remaining market garden on the Merri Creek? It's further along the creek in Coburg.

    I know what you mean about the discomfort thing when you venture too far away from your stomping ground. I feel it when I go too far south.

  5. Some of us Brian have worldly food tastes and move on from fish and chips.

    No wonder you didn't answer the phone when I called Jayne.

    CERES smells of compost though Reuben. I feel ok in Thornbury, Northcote and Clifton Hill. There is always a dyke on the horizon to reassure me and hopefully protect me.

    Your kidding LiD. My family history is steeped in market gardens. It is what you are familiar with I suppose. I know the south like the back of my hand. I am ok in C'wood and Richmond. I am ok in areas west. Just these Brunswick/Coburg/Moreland areas creep me a bit. They are such a mix of factories, retail and residential. Interesting but.

  6. Anonymous10:30 pm

    You should have visited me more when I lived in Thornbury; that would have cured your discomfort!!

    CERES is great; the food is delicious. They have workshops and a plant nursery too. Sue Foy and I used to go there a bit. Vik.

  7. We came for your party when you turned 50 Vik. What more do you want? The food did look seriously good. Next time your are back.....

  8. Snoring tends to drown out the phone, Andrew :P

  9. Anonymous4:12 pm

    Compost? Have you ever gone into rural Victoria? Now that makes CERES smell like a freeway.

    And yes, Northcote has a large Lesbian community and fortunately they aren't afraid to show their identity.


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