Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Sisters Three

Time line first.

About 2000, one of R's UK sister visited Orstralya with her husband. They liked it so much, they came again a couple of years later with daughter in tow. Dame M hosted a fab party for the daughter's 21st and R's birthday. My family attended Dame M's bash, overt gay people and Jasmine, aka The Boarder. Education for family. It was a party that went very late and it was magical. Soon after, the 40 odd year old UK sister separated from her partner who she had been with since the age of 16. Scary. Luckily, they are quite well off through shady dealings in the husband's business and did not need to stay with us.

Then there is the sister who I do not know. She has a heart problem that prevents her travelling any further south from the UK than Benidorm in Spain.

Then there is the third sister who came here and stayed with us two years ago. We also hosted her partner's sister and her partner the year before.

You still with me. Most unlikely.

There is a problem. First sister to visit and unmet sister do not speak to last sister to visit. Last sister to visit is the one giving us accommodation in a caravan. Will they be fighting over who is going to pick us up at the train station? Is this going to make our holiday difficult? Juggling non speaking relatives without offending any is what worries us most about our up coming trip.

The sister who is not being spoken to is also the poorest. She is also the one I like the most and she is great fun.

The first sister to visit ex husband works in the motor trade and when R was last there, he gave R a car to use. We need to butter up this sister so her ex will give us at least a cheap car. R better get some friendly phone calls and emails happening.


  1. Anonymous10:15 am

    Family politics is never easy - especially if you are the partner. I always try to keep out of it but there is always someone who tries to drag everyone in.

  2. That's going to be a fine tightrope you and R will have to walk, I don't envy either of you in the slightest!
    Just try to remind each and every one of them you're both neutral and refuse to be dragged into anything.

  3. British siblings always try to avoid speaking to each other. We live on a small, over-crowded island so it's the easiest way. Bring a sheep/goat/Dartmoor pony across with you to act as mediator.

  4. Both are wise advice LiD and Jayne.

    At short notice Brian, could you supply are Dartmoor pony? Btw, is your tram running yet? I am not going to book train to Blackpool if there isn't a tram running.


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