Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Nice Find

How often do you go into a shop and marvel at the displays? How often do you find the staff friendly, helpful and polite but not overpowering and content to let you browse? T'would be a rare occasion.

I found such a shop the other day and I was mighty impressed. I am talking of Kay Craddock's Antiquarian Bookshop in Collins Street.

It was beautifully laid out. There were also many stylish display cases with extra special books. Areas focused on children. If there was a restaurant equivalent, I could never go there. I would feel uncomfortable, but I did not here.

The website is also quite classy, without be overly complicated. It is easy to find what you want.

Yes, you will pay a premium when buying a book here, but I did not think the prices were unreasonable.

I kept thinking I was in a library and that I could choose books to borrow. Alas not.

An exceedingly large tick to a wonderful business.


  1. We antiquarians are almost perfect in every way.

  2. You must go to the "The Medieval Imagination" illuminated manuscripts exhibition and "Mirror of the World: books and ideas" on at the State Library.

    They're both sensational if you like rooly old books and stuff.

  3. I shall be bankrupt within seconds of walking into that shop,Andrew, because I couldn't bare to leave anything behind LOL.

    Ditto Lord Sedgwick's mutterings - there's some fantastic lectures and tours on there atm.

  4. Run out of witty back chat Brian.

    I like the historical information in many of them M'lord.

    It is a bit like that Jayne. I was looking for something specific.


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