Sunday, April 13, 2008

New GG

How marvellous. We have a new Governor General cum September. One Quentin Bryce. In spite of her bloke name, she is a chickie babe. Although our recent GGs have all represented a chickie babe, that is the Betty Battenberg, we have never had a chick as as GG. This is so good. I hope she is not just a Labor Party hack getting a reward.

Well, it had to happen sooner later. People like the to depart Major General Sir Michael Jeffries are a bit of an anachronism.

I do like the idea of Australia being represented by a blonde chickie babe, even if she is a bleach blonde and has had a lift or two. You are game to argue against me on the last point?


  1. Not sure about about a 'chicky babe', more like a plucked chicken.

  2. Anonymous8:27 am

    I think the GG position is more tradition than anything terribly useful. Apparently Bryce was the Queensland governor before this, an almost entirely ceremonious position that paid too much money for zero outcomes.

    That her apointment to GG is a job for the mates is superfluous given that if that other party was in power it would be almost as "symbolic" but also certainly a bloke.

    As a favourite political commentator of mine said: let's hope she's the last GG. Hands up for a republic!

  3. Insult our GG Brian and you insult her boss, your queen and I am sure you are a passionate monarchist.

    That she may be the last Ben is looking odds on.

  4. I am game to argue you on the last point. Obviously she's a bleach blonde but Andrew, she can't have had a lift. Look at her neck!

    On another note, bravo to our first female GG. I'm sure she'll do us proud.

  5. Hiya Rosanna. Agree, the neck is good. The hands give it away. I feel like Australia is undergoing a renaissance.

  6. Goodness, are you implying that there might be something not endowed by God on the bleached, tanned, scrawny and war-paint plastered person?!
    How ever did you arrive at that conclusion (tongue removed from cheek) :P

  7. Hey there lovely Andrew... I just got so see our To-Be-GG on the news in an interview and I thinks she is lovely. I like her dress sense, very nice indeed and she speaks so proper yet not plumb in mouth like. I hope she does enjoy this experience, and I look forward to seeing how she goes.
    Looking back at all your posts from here... yes I have been busy.... CERES, we went there a while ago now, took some great images of the place too, the kids loved it and so did I. They have a market there also, selling the organic veggies, have to get there early on though or you miss out.
    Little Jo, she is just gorgeous, and 9 months old is the perfect age, They laugh and play and blow bubbles and love it when you speak silly to them. I miss mine at that age :(
    Oh, and the pic of the sinkhole...I will have to go there when it is Spring time next, the very first time I went there at age 16 it was in full bloom. The images of it remain with me still..what a lovely place it is in full bloom..lots of color there then.

  8. Anonymous11:32 am

    I like her. She works the suit well.

  9. I think she will be a pretty good GG. I had vaguely heard of CERES but you alerted it to me Cazzie. It is perhaps the nicest time for a baby, that is before they walk. The sinkhole must be stunning when in bloom Cazzie.

    What is wrong with a hint of makeup Jayne?

    Eminently qualified MD.

  10. Andrew,

    I'm a great believer in the traditions of the monarchy. (i.e. I reckon the whole lot of 'em should be dragged in front of the Tower of London and have their heads chopped off.)

  11. Anonymous4:55 pm

    It's certainly good news. But I don't think red's her colour.

  12. No surprise there Brian. Btw, someone recently told me that people in Blackpool talk funny. Good that you are in Fleetwood and no doubt talk proper English.

    Person not interested not cares about fashion is turning into a fashionista. But you are right, red and blonde don't normally work.

  13. Andrew,

    The people in Blackpool don't talk funny at all. They just grunt.

  14. But Brian, I am sure the shop staff and service people are all delightfully friendly and helpful and make you feel like you are the only idiot tourist they have dealt with for the day.

  15. She seems very nice, though a little buttoned up. I saw her on TV and she and the grandkids were all colour co-ordinated, which was a bit scary.

    I really loved Sir William Deane who was an exceptional GG.

  16. Anonymous8:20 pm

    Indeed, Andrew.

  17. Buttoned up is a nice turn of phrase Bliss.

    Sir William was the only one who did a little bit more the his ceremonial role Bliss. I kinda liked Sir Ninian Stephens too.

  18. Anonymous8:16 am

    I don't about down south, but here in QLD they've been describing her as the GG with the "common touch". She might be from common stock, but from everything I've seen she doesn't seem to have the common touch anymore.

  19. She looks anything but common Ben, but as Cazzie earlier commented, she doesn't sound too plummy.


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