Thursday, April 24, 2008

Just for Lord Hughes of Fleetwood. But a ripper pic too

Miss/Ms/Ma Jahteh is getting me to do her dirty work. I expect Lord Hughes of Fleetwood was in a pub discussing a bit of broken Roman road found in the dirt on the day this happened, and never noticed it.

Jahteh, aka Copperwitch, the ever so intellectual, found this pic in one of her old New Scientist mags. I am just the messenger. But what a fab picture.

While governments and local councils can stop the Fleetwood to Blackpool tram, nature clearly is not in the running. Whatever the tempest, the Fleetwood to Blackpool tram presses on.


  1. It happens all the time round here does that, Andrew. Then again, I spend a lot of time in the pub discussing bits of Roman pottery and stuff, as well.

    And just for Witchy...I said it wasn't photographed in Fleetwood, didn't I? That's Blackpool's north pier in the background.

    The waves have to climb a forty foot cliff face to crash onto the promenade like that in Blackpool. But that doesn't stop 'em. It's a regular occurance because lots of fat grockles on the tourist route, greased up on Harry Ramsden chips and Blackpool rock, have a tendancy to dive off the end of the pier and cause tsunamis.

  2. Is the tram being towed? Or does it normmally use a separate engine to power it? I wouldn't want to have been a passenger that day.

  3. Victor,

    I don't think it's being towed. They have a full-sized engineering tram for that. That vehicle in front of it is probably just the over-optimistic local ice-cream van owner hoping to flog a few Cornettos to the passengers.

  4. Hmmmm Brian. Rethinking visit to Blackpool.

    Victor, older trams in Australia can travel in up to six inches of water, slowly of course.

  5. Being stingy with the washing of the local vehicles, nature stepped in ... :P

  6. Wow, that is such a nightmarish scene..righ there!

  7. Grockles! I remember that term for fat English sea-siders from an English film called the system, starring a youngish Oliver Reed.

    Great photo.

  8. The flood was caused by too much excavating for Roman roads ... and lead to The Cod Wars.

  9. Thank you Andrew, a magnificent posting of that photo.

  10. Lol Jayne.

    Alert and alarmed Cazzie.

    I was wondering Lad. Thanks for the explanation.

    Nice one Ann.

    You found it Jahteh. Nice work on your part.

  11. Andrew,

    If I was you I wouldn't go anywhere near Blackpool. I never do. The place is a monstrosity of a Victorian freak show full of grocks and jar babies and midgets and souless entertainers long since believed to be dead, living out their meaningless existences in end of the pier shows and cafe review bars.

    Now Fleetwood at the other end of the line...that's a completely different matter. It's always sunny in Fleetwood. The trees are green, the cats are overweight and the trams don't make as much racket. Altogether a more sedate and pleasant realm, with views across Morecambe Bay to the Cumbrian mountains that'd rival those of a mouse stuck down Dolly Parton's cleavage.

  12. With your vivid description, Blackpool sounds perfect to me Brian.


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