Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Just bloody marvellous

From the Herald Sun today:

EXCLUSIVE: COOLING towers at the state crime squads building in St Kilda Rd have tested positive to the potentially deadly legionella bacteria.

The Herald Sun understands the particles, which can cause legionnaires' disease, were found during tests made when a detective inspector at the complex fell ill with flu-like symptoms and was hospitalised last week.

Couple of doors from us. Little Jo's mother will not be impressed if we return her in a less than perfect condition tonight. Clearly tonight the pram will be heading in the other direction.

We are just above the roof of the building next door to us and our bedroom windows look down onto it. Thankfully it has refrigerated air con rather than water cooling. I don't want no mist of bacteria laden moisture coming in my window.


  1. ICK!!!
    This is what happens when corners, and budgets, are cut - everyone else cops the crap.

  2. "Little Jo's mother will not be impressed if we return her in a less than perfect condition tonight."

    Could be wrong here, but I thought Legionaires' Disease was only fatal to the old and infirm. In which case I'd better postpone that visit I was planning...

  3. Given how often this happens Jayne, I should think a fortnightly check would be appropriate.

    It is bacterial I believe Brian, so no reason why it could not infect and kill anyone if they already had some problems. But you are essentially correct.

  4. Anonymous8:57 pm

    Hopefully it will selectively target some of the corrupt coppers and that Nixon thing they call the Chief Commissioner - who wouldn't recognise gang problems in the suburbs if it hit her in the face (it'll certainly hit her college's face).

  5. Compared to commissioners of the past Reuben, she is a breath of fresh air.

  6. I happen to like Commissioner Nixon. She won't be dictated to by the bully-boys of old and stands her ground when required.

    And as for the legionnaires... ew. Let's hope they fix it soon.

  7. Only thing that annoys me BC, is that she constantly insists that there are enough police, when there is clearly not.

  8. Scary stuff, I seen it in the paper today... I hate hearing of this thing!

  9. Anonymous4:39 pm

    Exactly, Andrew. Spot on!

  10. Ever hear of it happening in a hospital Cazzie? I can't remember if it has.

    Not too hard is it Reuben. Increase population, everything else had to increase.


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