Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Shaggin' Waggin, slightly R rated.

This is GM Holden panel van. It is called a Sandman. This may or may not be the original decoration and writing. Chrysler Valiant also made a similar one, but I can't recall the name. I don't believe Ford made one.

I have not seen one for years, so I snapped this with my phone while I was waiting for a bus.

Panel vans were terribly popular with virile young men in the country where I grew up. Some had some very 'tasteful' curtains on the side and rear windows and many had mattresses in the back. The mattress in the back was not for their children to sleep on when on a picnic or other such outings. Most van owners were childless single men.

A respectable mother would never allow her daughter to go out with a boy who owned a panel van. The vans were often adorned with slogans such as, 'Don't come a knockin' if the van is rockin'. Panel van sounds so utilitarian, so the name Shaggin' Waggin came into vogue. I believe you UK folk would know the word, but for my US readers, well one, shagging means doing the business.

In my almost straight teen days, I had a friend mate who owned one. He was quite nice looking, very charming, quite well endowed and his touch of aboriginality gave him a slightly exoctic appearance. He had no problem 'pulling a bird' to have a nap with in the back of his shagging wagon. I know he was well endowed as it seemed back then that straight males liked to take other straight males' clothing off and give their gonads a good hard squeeze. So you could say I have been intimate with him. While I thought this clothe stripping and squeezing of a chap's gonads was a very odd thing, I enjoyed watching and participating in it immensely and recalled it every night for some weeks afterwards. Interesting how the victims usually 'barred up'.

His mother was an exotic divorcee Cabaret worker, in the Cabaret kitchen washing dishes. Every night after work she would sit at her kitchen table and hold court and have a few drinks. Invariably after a few drinks, we would smell hair burning as her cigarette made contact with her very frizzy hair. If she had a particularly bad night, and henceforth more drinks than usual, we would pick her live butts up from the laminex table. One table can only so many burns take.

I saw this guy about ten years ago at Fountain Gates shopping centre McDonalds on the Princes Highway. He would have been a good few years older than me, but he was holding his looks well and still looked sexy. Alas he did not see me, and I did not see him, as we do. There would be nothing to say, except hi, this is my mate R and we root each other. This would clearly be going much further than holding a bloke's gonads.


  1. Looks like the Ghost Buster's car painted blue to me...which probably demonstrates how little I know about motorised vehicles.

  2. Pull the edges of your cardi together then Brian, while you wait for the bus. Blackpool post coming soon. I have a picture.

  3. I believe our American friends now know the word "shag" thanks to Austin Powers.

  4. Not the bus, Andrew. The tram. Except that the tramlines are all up at the moment for repairs. They were supposed to be ready again for Easter, but they're not. So the treader's going to have to be dragged from the shed if I want to go anywhere.

  5. Yep Daniel, I forgot. The word was used in possibly the worst movie I have ever seen.

    Don't they put buses on when the tram is out of action Brian? Known here by one person at least as bustitution.

  6. Daniel Bowen is correct; I never knew about shagging until Austin Powers.

    Correction: I knew all about it, I just didn't know it was called that.

  7. Andrew,

    They do run 'substitute' buses when the trams are off line, but it isn't the same. A bottle of scotch and a bottle of Tia Maria downed separately before any tram journey, and by the time you reach your destination the two have been well and truly smashed, rattled and shaken together into a fine internal cocktail. If you travel by bus the best you can hope for are a few sleeping policemen or the occasional stray sheep wandering into the road to perform the same trick.

  8. Anonymous3:44 pm

    "Good at pulling birds"

    I wish I were a womaniser. It's some kind of innate skill; an evolutionary catalyst that only some are gifted in.

  9. No idea of the origins of the word Daisy Jo, not that you asked. There is a bird called a shag.

    Buses are inferior Brian. At least it is not the height of the tourist season.

    Real womanisers would be I suppose 10 per cent or less of the male population, so I wouldn't worry Reuben.

  10. "straight males liked to take other straight males' clothing off and give their gonads a good hard squeeze"

    I have never heard of this game and I checked with the fisherman and he hadn't either. but it sounds like fun... were girls allowed to do this too?

  11. Normally no Jo, it is a bloke thing. However, for you, I would make an exception.

  12. Giving the other blokes gonads a hard squeeze is called 'squirrel gripping' in several football codes, Andrew lol.
    Though I doubt the squirrel's appreciate it much!

  13. And after a few seconds thought Jayne, I worked out why. Nuts being held by a squirrel.

  14. Anonymous1:57 pm

    I wouldn't allow any of my mates to do that. Sure, boyish wrestling and poking is fine - but squirrel gripping is an infinite no-no for me.
    Interesting statistic there, Andrew. Do you think it's genetic or based on experience? I might do a post about it.

  15. The ten per cent is a meticulously calculated random stab in the dark Reuben. What young men get up to with each others male bits and broadcast it on youtube has been an education.