Friday, March 21, 2008

Could be waiting a while Brian.

I have been semi following a discussion in a group about the building of new trams around the world. We used to build our own in Australia even up to the 1990s. Although the basic design was from overseas I think, it was adapted for Australia and the trams built here. We even built and exported trams to Hong Kong. Even earlier, tram building in Australia was a big industry and employed many people. Now, sadly, we just buy them from Europe.

It would seem from the discussion group, that tram building expertise has been lost in the US and they too look to Europe for design and manufacture.

But wait, England is not Europe. What are they up to with electric street vehicles? How are they going with design and manufacture? Not too well by this picture. Pic is from the BBC and you can read about it there.


  1. Excellent! I remember seeing one of the poles alongside the tramtracks (the ones that carry the cables) falling over once onto a double-decker tram. It smashed straight through the roof, knocked one side of the tram completely off the rails and left it sparking at an angle of 45%. That was when I was a kid and it's the only tram accident I've ever seen.

    Somehow I suspect the new prototype was in perfect working order. The two hundred year old system it was trying to run on could have done with a bit of updating however. Hence, nod oubt, the reason why all our lines are up at the moment.

  2. I love trams. I used to go to school on the tram when they still ran in Sydney and wanted to be a tram driver when I grew up. I was so sad when the Government removed trams from Sydney.

  3. The pole falling sounds dramatic Brian. I am terrified of such random happenings.

    Must have been great fun Victor.

  4. I loved the news story, from a couple of years ago, about the kid who stole a tram in Melb and collected passengers correctly with no one twigging he wasn't a proper driver until he asked(at a junction) if anyone had any preferences where they wanted to go!
    Trams are good value, they just need to extend the network, widen the roads to share with cars (or deleted them completely!), invest in more home-built trams,etc,etc,etc

  5. It wasn't the first one he had 'stolen' Jayne, but the first time he took one on the road. He also tried a train too I think.

  6. Anonymous6:38 pm

    I wonder if the colors and style were inspired by Melbourne's B2 fleet?

  7. Ah I see the testing of the effects of the local chavs and chavettes on the new trams didn't quite go as well as hoped.

    NOTE TO DESIGNERS: Include more flame retardant materials in the next prototype.

  8. Thanks Bobby. I will have a good look at the site tomorrow. I do see what you mean about the colours.

    A dropped butt by a chav and this could happen Ben. I am thinking about our trams and wondering what would burn? There is a lot of plastic, which surely will not go up in flames.