Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Blimey, where's me trousers

I found my funeral/party/wedding/anything trousers right at the very back of everything. I only wear jeans normally and the last time I wore trousers was for my great aunt's funeral a few years ago.

Both pair are black but the pair I prefer were, shall I say, a little snug around the middle. In fact after such an effort to get them done up, as soon as I breathed out, the button flew off and the zipper parted. Is the lord trying to tell me something?

The other pair are quite nicely cut and while they were a little big some years ago, they fit well now. However, I will look the height of fashion with narrow cuffs on the bottoms of the legs and a high waistband. Just call me Harry Highpants. But I am not going to invest money in clothing that is worn once every couple of years unless I have to. Sheesh, some people even wear jeans to funerals.


  1. "as soon as I breathed out, the button flew off and the zipper parted. Is the lord trying to tell me something?"

    Think the lord is telling you, either that you've been in too good a paddock or that you're about to get lucky (or you're anticipating getting lucky).

    Silly thing to say, but do enjoy the funeral. I figure they are part sadness but, done well, they are mostly a celebration of a life well lived. (Bit like a well mixed martini.)

    I imagine, on the evidence you have provided, the Grand Dame would have it no other way.

  2. It might be cool enough tomorrow for you to get away with a thin jumper to cover the top of your pants.
    Ditto what M'Lord said- hope it's a grand celebration of a grand lady's life.

  3. That's the trouble with 'special occasion' trousers. They shrink in the wardrobe. Mine do the same. Every time there's a funeral or a wedding or some other event that I've got to attend whether I want to or not where the usual denims are not acceptable attire, I drag them out, dust them down and then discover that the waist has shrunk by another couple of inches. It must be something to do with the fabric.

  4. This button?! The one that hit me in the eye, all the way over here? I wondered where it came from!

  5. "Button?!" ... or one of Shirl's press studs?

    (Boom! Boom!)

  6. More likely the vineyard than the big paddock M'lord. I do like a good funeral. It is so cleansing.

    One doesn't do jumpers Jayne, thin or otherwise. Shirt, and jacket if necessary, tee underneath if bitter cold.

    I would ask you to send it back Daisy Jo, so that I can sew it back on, but they are still not gonna fit.

    Press a stud M'lord? Just a distant memory.

  7. You know I agree with you there, when I wsent to the ballet a few years ago I was astonished at how underdressed people are..jeans and all for the occasion..my Grandma was really upset about it...her with her fox fur on and all..oh, and her sapphire and diamond jewells, lol...just a picture of elegance, next to the casuals :)

  8. Brian, I think I washed them after the last time I wore them and they must have shrunk. I bet you wear a checked shirt with a very narrow knot tie to every funeral you go to.

    Sounds fab Cazzie. Wish you had snapped a pic.

  9. They have the right idea with children's clothes these days with adjustable waist bands. Surely there's a market for adjustable waist bands in adult's clothes as well.

    Shirl(y), you can't be serious?

  10. And Ben, don't call me Shirley.

  11. Andrew,

    Never worn a chequered/checked or tartan-styled shirt in my life. Plain white for me, or one of my many rugby shirts. This is Blighty, after all, which means that almost every funeral I go to takes place in the depths of winter, so my long, black woolen overcoat done up to the top covers all my fashionable misdemeanours.

  12. Once you reach a certain (women's) size, you can even buy jeans with elastic in the back. I did that a couple of years back, but they felt dreadful, and lie in the back my jeans drawer.

    I figure you can wear what you like, what are people going to do, mutter behind your back?

    Love the Ab Fab. It sounds like your Dame M would as well.

  13. The cover up Brian. I am thinking of a post on covering up old and saggy skin. Won't win friends with that one.

    Bliss, I can recall seeing pregnancy jeans with elastic waist band. They were attractive, not. My shirt will be quite bright, that is all anyone is going to notice.