Sunday, April 13, 2008


Can you be a savant and not autistic? I headlined the original post Savant/Autism. I must have thought for some reason that all savants are autistic. Now I am not so sure. While I don't know if this lad is a savant or not, he is autistic as he wrote in one of his earliest posts. I am enjoying reading Chronicles of Feral Beast. He has a good sense of humour too. I don't comment on his blog except just as Andrew. He is a bit young I think to be exposed to my blog with its occasional filthrisqueness.

Link to original post written in September 2006 with comments.

I have seen a tv show recently about savant people. Also heard a bit on the transistor radio.

This is all new to me. I probably should have watched the movie Rain Man.

R knows a savant, a young adult. Tell him your birthday date and within a couple of seconds, he can tell you on what day it will fall in any given year you mention. It is truly amazing.

In spite of everything I have heard and seen, I can't decide whether it is a pattern thing (it can't be really), a photographic means, that is your brain has photographed certain things and then recalls them, or the most likely, extremely swift mental calculation but for that, you would think that there needs to be a formula to follow and clearly for some things savants are good at, there is not a formula.

People can be trained to do extraordinary mental calculations and they are in Japan.

Like a natural musical ability, it is truly amazing to me.

Off to write this weeks shopping list, or you can be sure, I will forget something..........probably about half of it. A savant I am not.


  1. Anonymous6:13 pm

    The quickest way to determine what a savant is, is to type "define:savant" into Google. A "savant" by definition is simply a person who is exceptional in a field, not necessarily young, or have Autism.

    The original term to describe an Autistic Savant was actually "idiot savant", or somebody with a mental retardation that is capable of performing extraordinary feats. These days they are said to have "Savant Syndrome", as "idiot" is obviously a derogatory term these days.

  2. I did not know about the define: thing Ben. Useful and helpful in the future. I did do a tiny bit of research and pretty well concluded that a savant is not necessarily autistic but often is. But if I assumed the net was an absolutely reliable source, then I would have no questions to ask of people who read my blog. I like the personal as well as the facts.

  3. Anonymous8:35 am

    You could say that all these kids they keep trotting in front the camera on Oprah or Today Tonight, the young ones with extraordinary abilities, are savants as well, and probably outnumber the autistic type. You know the ones: they're either mathematic geniuses, or play the violin better than the adults in the Symphony Orchestra, and graduate university at the age of 10.

    Anyway, I think there has been some research into autism which goes to explain Savant Syndrome with some reliability. Whether people are autistic because they are savants, or the other way around, is still up for debate. Perhaps they're so intelligent that they don't know how to deal with life, thus the autism. Or maybe their autism causes a singular focus of their mental capacity.

    Anyway, not many people know about the define: thing, I only discovered it myself a month or so ago and use it several times a day. I think my vocabulary is expanding because of it :)

  4. Put 'savant' into You Tube and you will find a couple of young men in there that will blow your mind. There's one that came to earth after a helicopter ride over Rome and correctly drew the whole cityscape on a huge scale. Makes us wonder what our brains are really capable of.

  5. Thanks Ben. I know a bit more about it all now.

    Speak for yourself Bliss :) My brain is full and running at its peak which is not terribly high. Nowhere but downhill for mine now.


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