Sunday, March 16, 2008

Am I good, or what?

Clearly I know talent when I see it. I had never heard of him before I wrote this. Lewis Hamilton, winner of the Formula One Australian Grand Prix.


  1. Anonymous7:08 pm

    His talent is driving a car really fast around a track and smiling at photographers. Gee, it doesn't sound very hard at all! Aside from that, true benevolence and the pinnacle of talent and worthiness doesn't include doing what he does. He has as much bearing on my life as a deaf Irish catfish swimming in a pond near Baku, Azerbaijan.

    I consider the local Subway staff more important because their existence effects my digestive system and therefore my mood.

  2. ... but can he drive a cab without crashing into our local nevergonnabe wannabe Mark Barbeque?

    Other than that, my view of the Grand Pricks is up there with that of Suzie the Glossy One ... ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!

    Guess most of the crowd - and certainly the media - would have been pissed off that there wasn't a fatality.

    ('scuse my cynicism and diminishing faith in humanity ... present company excepted.)

  3. ... and Shirl, your view of the Grand Pricks (and certainly that of the winner) is shockingly biased by your (apologies to Hal Porter) "View from a Cast Iron Jockstrap".

    Though have to say he's a better looker than either Kryton's love child , David Coulthard or the bloke dressed by Bob Downe, Michael Schumacher.

  4. Reuben, I reckon he is hot. Simple as that. I don't care about his driving skills, well maybe. To be a bit sensible, he is English with African heritage. Good to see him succeed.

    And what about Mark Webber(sic) M'lord?

  5. Anonymous5:55 pm

    Andrew, I find the girl who usually sits opposite me in class hot - but she isn't famous. In fact, I do my utmost to disregard famous people and I certainly reject any that are hot (and if they are, good for them - but their fame has nothing to do with it).

  6. Reuben, you may be able to reject the cult of celebrities for many years yet, but it will get you eventually. You can only swim upstream against the current for so long. Much easier to float downstream and reach out and grab a bit of passing food that interests you.