Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Almost the last Dame M Post

Don't we all need a bit of humour in a time of grief? I tried and failed to find on youtube the clip of Maggie Bear from Mother and Son spilling oranges from her net bag into the grave hole. Oh, how they bounced on the coffin. Instead, I give you a clip of Patsy and Edina attending a funeral. I am sure that all will be very tasteful for Dame M tomorrow.

Must say, I am a bit overwhelmed by my blog reader's comments. I suppose I knew you were a pretty nice lot, or you wouldn't be on my blog list. Sorry if I have not addressed your comment individually. Things are just so busy.


  1. Snuck back in and I am so glad I did Andrew, I am laughing so hard right now..and yes, of course, I do remember Maggie Bear and those oranges, oh my goodness, I sure did laugh hard in that episode, such a wonderful actress she was.

  2. I can't find a clip of the oranges bouncing on the grave either, but did you stumble across this one, which is the leadup to that scene? http://australianscreen.com.au/titles/mother-and-son-funeral/clip1/ "The procession of funeral cars comes to a halt because Maggie (Ruth Cracknell) has spied a roadside stall selling really cheap bags of oranges."
    I hope things flow more soothly tomorrow and that Dame M's funeral is a suitable tribute, and that you can find comfort in the ceremony and gathering of friends.

  3. It was very funny Cazzie.

    Thanks Altissima. I had forgotten the lead up to it. I am sure it will all go well.

  4. Hi Andrew

    I've only just caught up with the sad news. I'm so sorry. I am sure you'll do her proud.



  5. Anonymous3:02 pm

    Thinking of you all today, Andrew. Hope the Dame had a fitting send off.

  6. Thanks Pants and MD.

  7. A rather less tasteful, but very funny, Alas Smith and Jones funeral sketch...