Tuesday, January 01, 2008

NYE Trouble

It is only most peoples sense of decency that prevents occasions like NYE celebrations turning into a massive disasters. I read that the police were pleased with the behaviour of Melbourne's NYE party goers in public spaces. Why? Ok, it is a tiny minority and I am focusing on the negative, but after seeing the numbers of young people going to New Year's Day Summadayze open air dance party today, I predict, if not a disaster, some serious problems.

Here are some clips from news reports about NYE.

He said 248 people were arrested for traffic offences across the state, a jump on 157 last year.

In total, 160 people were arrested for drunkenness, 41 for street offences, 248 traffic offences, 74 for drink driving and two for driving-related drug offences.

The highest blood alcohol reading recorded was 0.12.

Although the sweltering heat deterred many from partying in the city centre, the crowds moved south to the beach at beachside suburbs like St Kilda.

At 2am there were 100,000 people at the St Kilda foreshore and police were forced to close the beach an hour later.

Two young people lost parts of their fingers after firecrackers exploded in their hands and are now in hospital, said Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner Gary Jamieson, and four bystanders were hurt by crackers thrown into the crowd, including at Federation Square.

with 49 arrests this year compared with 119 last New Year's Eve. Ten people were issued with new banning orders, which prohibited them from entering the CBD for 24 hours.

The St Kilda Surf Life Saving Club advised people not to use the beach, located near Brooks Jetty and the Marina, saying it was unable to get rescue equipment onto the sand because of the amount of rubbish, particularly broken glass, left by people welcoming 2008.

Matt Culka, president of the life saving club for six years, said he had never seen St Kilda beach looking as bad following New Year's celebrations

A man was stabbed in San Remo about 11.30pm.

The victim had three minor stab wounds and police arrested a man over the attack.

There were four people in custody in Cowes and five at Inverloch.

St John ambulance treated 290 at the Pyramid Rock festival for dehydration and drug-related incidents.

About 30 people were treated on the Cowes foreshore.

Sexual crime squad officers are also investigating an indecent assault against a girl at the rock festival early Monday morning.

Several drug overdoses were reported at the event and many people said they were shocked at the lack of security.

POLICE patrolling Melbourne's most troublesome New Year's Eve hot spots were armed last night with riot shields.

The Police Association had demanded riot shields and helmets to deal with violence, and yesterday lodged a prohibition notice with force command banning members from going within 50m of large groups if demands were not met.

An 11th-hour meeting yesterday saw police issued with riot shields, but not helmets.

Not exactly personal, but today I spoke to a friend who is a tram driver and he had a bottle thrown at his tram on NYE and a side window smashed with only lamination holding it together.


  1. Since I survived being hit by a speeding drunken driver on NYE 1968 in a collision which destroyed both cars, I have not ventured OUT THERE on NYE since.

    It's silly to go where the dangerous people are ... or is that: It's dangerous to go where the silly people are.

    Wishing you all the best things in 2008

  2. Happy New Year, Andrew! Quite night here at home -- no mad reveling for me.

  3. Many friends stayed at home,too many idiots crawling out of the woodwork.
    I stayed safely in my woody hole :P

  4. I agree with Ann and also agree with you. The only time you will see me going into town on NYE now is if I am actually working the night shift, which begins at 9pm anyway.
    Last year we enjoyed the family time fireworks but this time around I was worried with the heat ans the amount of people going to be there in the city.
    I also just knew the station would be stinking hot to wait for a train that would probably be overloaded anyhow.
    So, going to a friends and having music and sparklers was the best and safest way.

  5. Happy New Year Andrew! :)