Saturday, January 19, 2008

Jo Calls

Sister, the bone doctor and the bone doctor's mother wanted to go the tennis to see dykon (phonetic) Maresmo. They were sad that she lost to an Australian. Bah!

So we looked after little Jo. But also, the niece from the swamps of Langwarrin and her friend decided they wanted to stay last night. The travelled by train and tram from Frankston, for the first time on their own. They totally ignored my advice to catch anything except a 1 or 8 and waited for the one they knew would go past the highrise, the 16 (St Kilda Beach). I avoid the 16 as it is always so busy, so my niece's complaint of how packed the tram was, fell on deaf ears.

Little Jo had not had a poo for four days, not unusual for babies we were told. This news left us somewhat apprehensive and I thought we may revise our plan of taking her down to the pool for a swim. But there are such things as babies swimmers, designed for the purpose and sister had a pair. Now I cannot stand and breathe in our pool. The water comes up to about my nose. But R held Jo up, mostly above water level and she kicked and carried on and enjoyed herself a treat. Then we moved to the spa and she was fascinated with the bubbles. She did not quite cotton on that if she slapped the water, it could result in water splashing into her face.

A quick rinse off and we took her in her pram for a walk and of course it started to rain. We were headed to the IGA in Park Street for some nibbles for the girls and the bone doctor likes Scotch, so a bottle of that and some vino for sister. Sister never has a drink until after Jo is fed. I only went half way and then stayed under shelter with Jo while R and the girls continued on.

I am quite proud of myself. I warmed some expressed milk and fed Jo all on my own. I then handed her over to R and the niece to care for the rest of the night. I had done my bit. I did take her onto the balcony later where she promptly ripped the sole flower head off a geranium.

Sister arrived back at midnight and after a quick drink, went off home. Niece stayed up watching tennis while I called it a night. Jo, aka she who still barely sleeps, is gorgeous, but I was quite happy with just six hours of her company. Always good to hand them back.

Every so often someone would say, tick, tick, tick, waiting for the explosion from Jo. Did not happen, but the bone doctor sent a text this morning, 'Explosion at 10am'.

R took niece and friend to aquarium today and then delivered them home to the swamps of Langwarrin. We are both feeling very weary this evening. I am sure we will sleep well.


  1. Amazing, isn't it, the exhaustion we feel after spending a day with the energy of youth?

  2. Reminds me of that movie... two men and a baby. Sounds like you had it all under control... well done. How lucky that you got to hand her back before the explosion.

  3. I am proud of you with Little Jo..and R too. Seems you have got the knack of minding her. It is a nice thing not to have to worry when you leave your baby with someone.
    I laugh when I read it is nice to hand them back. I got my 4 back together yesterday after having had a few of my cousins kids for a few days. It was enjoyable but nice to hand them back and have my own brewd now.
    School goes back next week....not long now.

  4. Kids,hmph!
    Who'd have 'em?
    Oh wait...

  5. Suppose you get used to it Daisy Jo.

    R is much better with babies Jo. I don't know how to change a nappy.

    Thanks Cazzie. We are a bit more confident now.

    Good with the bad hey Jayne.

  6. Oh, this post warmed my heart! What a lovely uncle you are, taking her for a swim (even with the kiddie bathers).

    And you have a pool? Like I'm not entirely envious!

  7. As much to occupy, amuse and tire her Rosanna. It was fun though. The novelty of a pool quickly wears off.