Thursday, January 17, 2008

How to win friends #42

This is not going to win me any friends but like all things in my life, if it doesn't work for me, then it is pointless and if I can't do something with good grace, better not to do it.

I was asked to view something recently. I enjoyed seeing the effort the guys had made in making something that is now on youtube and may well go on to be very successful. I doubt they want me to be more specific than that. I replied in my email when my opinion was asked, 'Sorry I can't give a better criticism. Note, I never dissect movies on my blog as I am lousy at it.'

And like being a film critic, another thing I am lousy at is memes. Not sure why. They are just so damned hard. They take me hours and hours to do, even simple ones. Nope, sorry folks, I am humbly flattered that you ask, but they are just too hard for me.

And note, this is certainly not directed at anyone, it is a general comment.


  1. I loathe tags unless it's something unique and smart.


  2. I'll remember that Keshi, just in case I am tempted some time.

  3. LOL fair enough ;)

  4. The Universe is in balance, I remain the Meme Queen and you are the Unmeme Queen.

  5. I hate being tagged and refuse to do it when asked. It's why I left my former blogging platform.