Thursday, January 03, 2008

Dodgy Camera Work NYE

NYE did not quite go as planned. Our dyke friends were at a loose end for the evening so they were also invited to our barbecue. R must have slogged all day at home while I slogged all day at work in the heat. He came up with pre dinner nibbles, four salads, three types of meat to barbecue, breads and a pavlova along with drinks for all and sweet treats for after for eight people.

We had to eat dessert after we returned home as we ran out of time and we did not watch Priscilla on dvd. We just chatted, drank, ate and laughed and watched the Albert Park fireworks at midnight.

We were supposed to view the early fireworks from the banks of the muddy Yarra with all the other plebs. But, one of dyke friends is a corporate type and she took us up her fortieth floor office in her Collins Street building where we had a good view. It did not have a lot of atmosphere, but we raided her office bar fridge and that helped.

The walk down the Collins Street hill and Swanston Street was very atmospheric but the trip home marred by a broken down tram. The fireworks at Albert Park Lake went off at midnight and it was just as good seeing them as the city ones.

Thankfully the year changes only one a year. What?


  1. The second picture is interesting...what is it?

  2. Ditto what Daisyjo said.
    Looks like you had a great time :)

  3. Great views from where you were for sure Andrew. R is a good man for slaving away at it for other people...good g=for him :)
    Other half here said he saw, amongst other things, on NY morn. , many many shoeless people come to the station..wonders where their shoes went? In the council recycler? Wonders if it is where Steph's shoes from Sydney went to aswell...up there of course. Maybe her shoes are in some shop window in Newtown now, LOL.

  4. Daisy Jo and Jayne, on the other side of the wall was a water feature and quite a stunning one at that. It was switched off due to our drought and a mural put over the top. It was blank I think on this side and an overlay of cut out text in metal has been put on with backlighting. If you click the pic, it should be big enough to read that it is a christmas religious tale.

    Yeah Cazzie, Steph did not say exactly how she lost her shoes. Why do people take them off?