Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Dear Mr MicroGates

I don't have the energy to write tonight, so here is some tripe I potted up earlier.

I was very amused to read a post on someone's blog from a person who upgraded from Windows Vista operating system to Windows XP. From my understanding of matters pc, it was a good choice.

So Billy Boi, while I have a bit of a fetish for nerdy computer guys who wear glasses, sadly you a a little too old to interest me now, but however in the spirit of memories past, I offer you this advice.

Your new version of Windows, XP that has supplanted Windows Vista, is a good product. You are on the right track. We computer types like the slimmed down new version, Windows XP. You do have a way to go yet but with Windows XP you are well on the way. It just needs to remain as stable as it is and yet be slimmed down a bit more. There are many things in Windows XP we don't need or want. Just make it a bit better. A bit trimmer and a bit faster.

So I do offer congrats on Windows XP. It is not bad at all. You must have something planned Bill? What is next after XP. I am sure it will be brill. You won't disappoint me will you?


  1. This computer where I am house-sitting is an XP and it refuses to recognise my memory stick.
    I hate that.

  2. I have Vista and it is horrible. I'm considering downgrading to XP but it will be so much work and will cost money. Bah to Mr. Gates.

  3. I like my XP, Ann if you have a memory stick of new, it needs USB 2.0, Andrew I married a computer nerdy with glasses, believe me they aren't fun, only for the free gadgetries.....

    not married no more..but got XP in the settlement hehe..

    Vista is swish but am happy for now.

  4. 'Puters are a joy hey Anne.

    I hear this all the time Daisy Jo.

    Ok Fave, one vote for Bill.

  5. I'm confuzzled. I thought that Vista was a step up from XP? Now you're telling me that XP is a step up from Vista? I need a Bloody Mary.

  6. Vista was supposed to be a step up Hawkeye. Cannot wave to you anymore as Lucient is in the way.

  7. They haven't done a rat's arse of work on that damn building since Xmas eve. I wouldn't ordinarily mind so much, but some of the builders were a bit of alright to look at, and they'd get their shirts off when it got hot. Phwoar!

  8. Get a Mac Andrew, your life will change dramatically and with Boot Camp you can run Windows so any old programs will continue to work fine.

  9. I was looking out to see with the binoculars Hawkeye and they accidentally swung around to a couple of the topless builders. Disappointing actually.

    Golly Bobby, what would I have to whinge about if I did that?