Thursday, January 17, 2008

Anger in the highrise

We are quite insulated from public goings on in the highrise. Five days may pass from when I travel from our apartment to the foyer. Usually I just travel to the level of our carpark. On Sunday I travelled the building though, and what a mess it was. There were dried clumps of christmas tree pine needles out the front of the building. There were pine needles spread all over the foyer. There was a lift carpeted in pine needles. Disgrace. This is my home. I don't want it to look so bad.

I investigated and quickly found where the culprit was and no, surprise, a tenant(s) who had already been issued breach orders. I, and a committee member, insisted to the building manager that it be reported. So, this is their third breach. Will they be chucked out? Of course not. But they bloody well ought to be for making such a mess of my home.

Never have multiple young born Aussie men around the age of twenty plus as tenants or neighbours. After five plus years of living in the highrise and some experiences elsewhere in the past, I know this. Nothing but trouble. Give me the overseas students every time.


  1. And this is why God invented plastic trees.

  2. Ooh.. I'm torn over this one.
    1) Being an Aussie born male around the age of twenty, I'd like to argue against your writing off of my kin as being horrible neighbours. When I was living with my mates in Melbourne, we were a very well to do bunch and even though we'd have occasional bbqs/parties and whatnot, we were very neighbourly, clean and didn't pose any kind of distubance/threat/annoyance.

    2) In our old flat in Armadale, we lived beside a group of twenty-something guys. One was a full time DJ/(Suspected)Dealer and the other worked at Pizza hut.
    And they were the most horrible neighbours anyone could be subjected to. Try sleeping when your bedroom shares a wall with their lounge room where they're up playing hard trance at 100dB at 3am on a Tuesday.
    The biggest problem was that this guy was completely nuts.So when someone parked on the road and made it difficult for him to parallel park his car, he keyed every panel of the car. Complete asshole.

    So I guess my stance is this: Don't live beside twenty something Aussie guys, unless it's me or my friends cos we're ok and we'd like to have good neighbours too!

  3. Yep Jiminy. I am talking in generalizations and stereotypes, as I do. Of course there are many exceptions, but on balance after living here for five years and having inside knowledge, I know who causes the trouble in the building and in the two the adjacent buildings. They must have an idea of what a home should be, but when they are living here, it clearly isn't this building.

  4. Quite so Jahteh. Real ones are ugly compared to a nicely made plastic one.

  5. Well Andrew, when you get old and cranky and can't put up with them anymore, you might consider this place,22049,23066975-5012895,00.html

  6. "Real ones are ugly compared to a nicely made plastic one."

    Much like some people? :0)

  7. I could send my oh-so-pedantic-the-house
    -must-be-spotless Spouse over to teach them how to treat their home...
    but he's such a big bruiser they'd probably feel threatened and claim vacuum cleaner harassment ;)

  8. Most kind of you to speak in future tense Jo. Actually, I am not keen on that idea for me but I may very well change my mind after a taste of a home.

    Nah, I like my peoples with faults and lines.

    They'll be out in six months Jayne. Troublesome ones never stay long.

  9. Guess what I got home to last night from work? Christmas tree pine needles everywhere in out second lounge room..yes, the tree was taken out, finally, but a track of pine needles was left, GAH..I hate them :(

  10. At least you had the pleasure of the tree Cazzie. Hope the mess was worth it.