Friday, December 07, 2007

Work christmas parties and a vale

I am a widow/er home alone tonight. It is R's work christmas bash at Jimmy Watsons in Carlton. I said that it sounded very staid and boring. He thought that it is a young person's venue. I eagerly await the report.

I forget when my work bash is. I don't go anymore. It is in a church hall and the food will be wonderful. Light beer and even cheaper wine than I drink will be served. I have enough Indian friends at work to chum up and share their supply of whiskey outside, but I have to work the next day, so can't do that.

I went to R's work bash one year and I was bored stiff with all the shop talk. He came to mine one year and was just as bored with my shop talk. I am such a shallow butterfly anyway. I flit from one to another because I get bored easily and then realise I have chatted to everyone and retire to a corner. I am a lousy party person unless I know people well.

Ah, the work parties of old, when there was a pianist and drums or a band. Sexual tensions brewing over the past year were quickly resolved. Ah, the clarity of memory there. Straight guys can be so good after they have had a drink or five.

There were always at least two fights. One year was extra good when not one but two different gay guys knocked out two different straight guys. I retreated and observed from a corner and busily filed my nails. The bruises and cuts on various people became evident at work over the next few days.

Another old work ex mate died today. He was only early fifties. He was Indian and very nice looking and tall and with a nice build. I had not seen him since he was about forty, but I remember him fondly. He was such a nice guy, one of those really genuinely nice people . He died of Motor Neuron disease. So sad. Vale Nanda.

Green Groceries

I have never liked buying green groceries from a supermarket. I know they are expensive and I would not say they are any better, in fact I think often worse. I will admit that supermarket fruit and vegetables look good.

R does most of the food shopping and after we moved here from Balaclava, he reverted to buying f&v in the supermarket. I have on the odd occasion too. There is quite a good Asian run f&v shop in Chapel Street, cheap and mostly good quality but oh so crowded. Makes it really hard work, so we stopped going there.

Then a new one opened that has an entrance off the Prahran Coles/Safeway car park. It too is Asian run and we went there the second day after it opened and it was pretty chaotic. We were also overcharged for two items. I suggested they were teething troubles, but R went back to the supermarket.

He is now a convert to this newish shop. He gave it another go and could not believe how cheap it was, how tasty the tomatoes were, how the produce sometimes did not look so great, but was otherwise excellent.

And how to judge a good fruit and vegetable shop? If there are plenty of ethnic Europeans and ethnic Asians shopping there, you are pretty well guaranteed it will be good.

Still have to watch them with the tills like a hawk though, but it is the same in the supermarket. Peanuts scanned as cashews indeed.

Thursday, December 06, 2007


And so was the cry in the evenings in the city as lads called out the name of the evening newspaper.

When checking out Barwon Grange recently, I came across a newspaper called The Melbourne Morning Herald. I had never heard of it, but I made an immediate association with The Sydney Morning Herald. Must check it out, I thought. It would seem there is no connection.

Slipped my mind until now. I looked online via a search engine and nothing. I went to the State Library website, and it is listed and they have copies and it is very rare.

Courtesy my $150 reference book, I find that in 1855 it became The Melbourne Herald and then later just The Herald, as some us who are old enough, remember well. Then it was merged into The Sun News Pictorial which became the Herald Sun.

My paternal grandfather gave me ten cents once to go to the shops and buy a copy of The Herald and buy and icecream with the change. I was only used to The Sun newspaper which was all in one piece. The Herald had separate sections. I thought there were papers mixed up together so I took one part, the front and left the rest at the shop. My grandfather was not impressed to get a paper without the sports section. Sometimes I get things really really wrong, even though I am trying hard, just was when I was a kid.

Blog comments

Sorry folks but the blogger has issues I think. Comments are not being emailed to me and so I have to check manually. Sorry if I miss something.

Roo Burger

I like urns and gargoyles etc on the tops of old buildings but I am not sure about a kangaroo. I wonder if it is original?

Oh, and 'roo or not, they do a fine hamburger.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Grandma Singing

Up till perhaps the age of ten, if we were staying at my grandmother's house, I or my brother would often sleep in the bed with our grandmother.

She used to sing to us sometimes when we were snuggled into bed.

K K K Katie, beautiful Katie, you're the only g g g girl that I adore. When the moon shines over the cowshed, I'll be waiting at your k k k kitchen door.

What a nonsense song, but I will never forget it.

She did better with the Road to Gundagai.

There's a track winding back to an old fashioned house along the road to Fumina South. Where the gum trees are growing, the Tanjil River's flowing, beneath the Baw Baw skies.

There was more, but sadly I have forgotten it.

I don't know she was a smart woman or not. She rarely gave an opinion and it was rare for her to talk about anything else but family, friends and day to day stuff. Even then she was not much of a talker. She would walk away from a raised voice and never showed any emotion. She worked hard as a housewife and never complained. She was reasonably comfortable financially in her old age, but hated spending money. She never quite grasped that one pound equalled two dollars. Two dollars in her mind was double one pound and so whatever was very expensive.

I suppose she was satisfied with her life. From an outsiders perspective, it did not seem much, but then it was different times.

That she loved us grandchildren was a given. We knew it, and that was all that mattered.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Wong way the right way

I may very well be disappointed, as I usual am by politicians, but the signs are good, the stars are aligned, sheng fui feels right and I feel it in my waters.

Rice Boy made mention of her today, but I was going to anyway. I think our out lesbian Asian born Minister for Climate Change is going places. While it could be an offensive phrase to some, I really hope Penny Wong busts some balls and gets some stuffs done.

Sadly, men have been very disappointing leaders, right around the world and for a very long time. The women leaders, mostly of conservative parties, have been also. But I think given their head and real power, the world may well be a much better place if it was governed by women.

Aren't women kinder and nicer? Don't we want a kinder and nicer society and world?

If Penny has to lift her knee hard to get some climate change results, then I hope she doesn't hold back.

Of course no one is perfect. She is from Adelaide.

Number Plates

In our work carpark there are some odd number plates.

I think this one is quite clever AIMN4U, although I think it may very well attract the unwanted attention of the constabulary.

This one is typical of sad ass losers who can only get second best. If you can't get the proper one, don't bother. You are only embarrassing yourself.

GIB5ON The 5 actually looks a bit more like an S on the plate, but not close enough. And yes, their name is Gibson.

I see quite a few of these loser plates on the road, but I always forget them.


Public transport fares up again in the New Year. It is always the same story. We are told it is an average of 2.1%. Now that would make a rise of seven cents for a $3.30 two hour zone 1 ticket. Ok, round it up to ten cents and you have $3.40, but no, it will be $3.50. Happens every time.

Electricity increase up to 17.6%. The price of water is going up a lot. Gas, rising up to 7.5%. Ok, I do see the connection between drought and electric and water price increases, but gas? Since when does gas production depend heavily on water?

Meat, vegetable and bread and egg prices are rising fast, due to the drought we are told. My vague memory of economics from school recalls something about supply and demand. So that makes sense. There is a shortage of water to grow primary produce and so a shortage of the produce, so the price rises.

Farmer Dave must be rubbing his hands together. Although he doesn't have the quantity to sell, he is getting a high price for his produce. Nope, Farmer Dave is getting low prices, very low prices. I wonder who is making all the money then? You whistle and I will point.

Excuse me while I call my stockbroker and buy some Coles and Woolworths shares.

Mystery Quiz Solution

Well done to Tony for guessing what was behind the roll up shutter at the nightclub. It was of course a fish tank, lit with blue light, it looks wonderful at night. I wish I had a photo, but I am not going out in the evening to take a picture. Go yourself.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Life is good on a Sunday

After a serious/minor argument four days ago, R has finally deigned to speak to me again today and cook me a meal. I was in serious danger of losing weight. Fritatta and salad tasted so good. Talking was even better. Dinner last night with the brother friends at The Palmerston after their return from Thailand was good, and cake and coffee back home very nice.

We did over half the christmas present shopping, we did the christmas cards (R did the writing, I did the labels), I started the two day christmas cake making, I finally finished up putting the travel diary onto the pc, I almost finished reading the book from our friend in Japan. Ironing is done. Kitchen is neat. Air con is keeping us comfortable. Clothes washing for tomorrow is planned in my head. Caught up reading newspapers. Not too many books on hold and bookmarked.

I have learned over the years to put aside the brandy in a sealed jar for the christmas cake and so no need to buy another bottle to finish the cake tomorrow.

I am getting quite excited by the o/s trip to old Blighty next year. I will just add it to the debt that the nieces/nephews will inherit. What a surprise to them. They think they will get a smart apartment on St Kilda Road, then they find out it is mortgaged to the hilt. Marvellous. (I thought Uncle Andrew was rich? Kind of, but he had bills.)

I am thinking of leaving money to an elephant orphanage in Nairobi, but not sure. They better have a good website.

A new leaf

I have decided something.

I have tried to do it in the past but gave up. All my emails will now have a greeting and end with my name. The only exceptions will be when an email becomes an immediate reply and is almost like a conversation.

Harder, but I will try, sms will also be like the above.

Not much easier, but with comments on others blogs, if I don't know them well via mutual blogging, I will also write salutations.

And the hardest, if you don't know me well personally or by email or via an ongoing mutual blog connection, and you write abrupt comments, I will ignore you. If I feel offended by your comment, I will not respond. It gives you wide reign as I have never been offended by comments by Andy, RH, Copperwitch, Steph, Jo or Lord Sedgwick and they can be thorough bitches. The difference is I know them well.

We could all do well to take a leaf from this chickie babe's blog and the way she deals with comments.


Please also note that people who vote below the line are allowed to make up to six mistakes and still have their vote counted, as long as they don't put two number 1s. Many AEC staff don't know this, and many of these votes (e.g. ones with the Liberal Party boxes left blank) are votes for the Greens.

You live and learn. I did not know this.