Saturday, November 03, 2007

Chop chop

I like trees. I may be very politically incorrect, but I like exotic trees. Give me a stately elm before some scrubby paper bark. Paper barks belong in the bush (native forest for my international readers). Bush is good. We should have more of it. Lots more. Oddly, we are still destroying bush, even though we know how important it is to us.

But for the city, exotics are mostly more appropriate. Trees don't feel pain. When I see them felled, I feel the pain for them. I don't like it even if they are a very ugly tree.

The apartments opposite us seem to be starting to happen. It seems quite a few people have the $2.7 mill plus price for them. Can't build a smart apartment block around a few trees. The London plane trees had to go. I watched their destruction from the balcony and felt very sad.


The rich bastard died this morning. He was a very superior and patronising person but I would have preferred he hung around for a few years more.

god knows what will happen his less than stable partner. It could be the making of him as he is now seriously rich, or it could be a terrible downfall. Oh that I was in that position.

The funeral is being held back until after the gay press comes out at the end this forthcoming week. He was a significant contributor to many things and deserves the spreads that will no doubt be in this weeks gay press.

Speaking of deaths, someone who I consider was an honourable politician died this morning too. Vale Peter Andren.

Friday, November 02, 2007

The love goes on

My love of the mythical 'old' Sydney continues, before it became a filth ridden, stinking of sex, drugs and vomit, hole that it now is.

Here is a tram climbing the steep slope from Bronte Beach. While the view from Melbourne's trams can be nice, there is nothing to compare to Sydney trams in their heyday. Magic.

PS For those who have an idea about such matters, I think it is an R or R1 class tram.

Ten Pound Pom

There was an interesting show on tele last night called Ten Pound Poms. I took a particular interest in the show because R is a ten pound Pom. Except he flew here, not sailed out on a ship, but it did cost him only ten pound.

The people in the show were a rather mixed lot. One was very bitter and although she returned to the UK, she came back and still complains about our country. Another returned home after living in Australia for fifty years. I suspect she wanted to relieve herself of family burdens and find some peace in her old age. The rest pretty well went on to become successful and happy Australians.

If you saw the show, you may have doubted the strength of the propaganda used to entice people to our shores, but R assures me it was typical. Lots of pictures of golden beaches and laughing and happy people.

R fits into that category of those who liked what they found and stayed on. He had plans to travel the world but ended up staying in Australia. He had the choice of Canada or South Africa, but he was concerned about South Africa being socially unstable and the weather in Canada did not appeal to him.

Interestingly R did not have a choice of which city in Australia where he could disembark, although it said otherwise on the tv show. It was Sydney or nothing. He said families went to Perth and Adelaide, single young men to Sydney and Melbourne.

He quickly found a job in a factory and diggs in Coogee. He lasted three weeks in the factory and then over the next fifteen years had more jobs than I have fingers, including working in mines in Tasmania.

R quickly learnt that life was easier if he lost his Geordie accent. People could actually understand what he was saying. There is the odd vowel sound that gives him away, but very few detect it. I only noticed after a few years. As soon as he talks to family back in the UK, his accent returns, although not quite as broad as it would have been.

He became an Australian citizen after a few years and has no regrets. While he will complain about Australia as much as I do, you will never hear him comparing Australia unfavourably to the UK. For all its woes, Australia is his country now.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Pollies

I don't like hating people. Most politicians, whatever their colours are probably quite nice. I have only met one Federal politician I think, and he was ok.

But there are some who I detest. They lie, they cheat (ok, normal political behaviour). But what really gets me is extreme arrogance and a lack of empathy.

Here is a list of past and present and why not start with a topical one.

Tony Abbott (a practising, shout it out loud Catholic. He is beyond the pale and my most hated)

Bill Heffernan ( google Bill quotes and it would a horror read)

PM John Howard (he pretends empathy quite well but actions speak louder than words)

Charles Court (premier of WA years ago. An utter prick)

Joh Bjelke Perterson and wife Flo (a principal reason why anyone of my age in the rest of Australia still views Queenslanders, especially country ones with suspicion if not disdain)

Jeff Kennett (oh, I know someone who could make his life miserable, like he did so many. I wish she would)

Pauline Hanson (she made it right for my friends from exotic locals to be treated badly)

Nick Greiner (I forget now, but I hated him when he was Premier of NSW)

The rest are just disappointments or will be disappointments.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Water water everywhere

We bought this the other day at QV in the city. It amuses me. Such originality. Must be a small firm taking the mickey out big multi-nationals who have created a mood in society that tap water is not a good thing.

But please don't tell me that it is just another product by Coca-Cola Amatil. If it is, I don't want to know.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

TV Theft

No, no one has stolen My TransVestite. But Channel 7 is sitting nicely on its laurels while our ABC does the hard yards.

Tonight on Today Tonight they had a story on defender of the cheated by spruikers and real estate sharks, Neil Jenman. Covered fully in a half hour program last night by Australian Story.

Also on Today Tonight and A Current Affair was pieces on disgraced and just set free from jail, Andrew Fraser. Andrew Denton interviewed him last night.

Ok, both subjects are seeking publicity, but it felt a little indecent.

I also have a confession and I feel some shame. I started watching Dancing with the Stars a couple of weeks ago and I am now hooked to the end of the series. Every gay boys favourite old fag hag Patti Newton (Bert's too probably) is great. The blond dancer with slightly dodgy teeth is quite hot. Sonia Kruger has a good sense of humour and is a plus for the show. Ok, it is not ABC's Strictly Dancing, but it is very entertaining.

Childhood Friends

My mother still has friends who she met during her teenage years. One, who's husband is a retired Anglican Archbishop, is moving from Brisbane to the Northern Territory. Because they will be extremely busy in the lead up to christmas and they want to let people know of their change of address, they have already sent out christmas cards. Christmas cards in October indeed.

A couple of years ago when we were on holiday in the Northern Territory, we drove through the town where they are going to settle. I always thought the name was very odd and perhaps even that the place was mythical.

But no, Humpty Doo is a real place with a not so real large boxing crocodile.

Pic courtesty

Monday, October 29, 2007

Rich bastard

Clearly being an heir to the unknown riches of the McCewans hardware store is not all good.

I am not sue if I told you but they moved B**** to the Bethlehem Hospice yesterday.
R***** and I went and saw him earlier this evening.
He is shocking; unless there is a miracle he will never leave the place.
Speak tomorrow

He is dying of a cancer. He is a prick actually. I saw him kick his younger b/f in the ankle once when he caught him smoking out on a balcony. We then christened him 'the kicker'. I wish I could feel sadness about his about to happen passing, but I cannot.

Blog advice

At some point in the distant past I started to get spam posts to my blog. I switched on word verification for comments and they were no more. Then a bit later a there were complaints from some readers about trouble with word verification.

I was sure it was going to be the end of the earth, but I switched word verification off. I did not get any spam comments.

So just some gentle advice. Try turning off word verification and you may not get spam and it makes your blog a bit more friendly.

Just a day off work

What a day. I was calmly washing my car at a car wash in the amusingly named Koroit Creek Road, well it amuses me, when my sister rang. As the suds dried on my car, she told me she was meeting brother the youngest at a unit in Murrumbeena to view a property with the thought to buy. Would I like to come along.

As it was my day off, I could go but I just said, if I am there good, if not, sorry.

She and the bone doctor intend buying somewhere to live nearer to the city than Geelong and rent out their Geelong property.

The thought of driving my car in peak traffic to Murrumbeena did not appeal. I walked to South Yarra station and caught the train. I had time for a samosa and an apple juice at the local Indian Cafe and it was only a ten minute walk from the station. I had called R and he was there already, straight from work, along with sister and Little Jo and brother and his apprentice. The agent arrived soon after.

The agent was very nice and helpful, but still did the usual stuff, indicating if sister did not buy now, there were many who were interested. We all agreed it was a good buy and sister bought.

Back to agent's office in Koornang Road to sign the paperwork. Little Jo was hungry and the agent had no objection to sister feeding her in his office while he dealt with the paper work.

We invited sister back to our place for a celebratory drink and she stayed for dinner. Little Jo had not slept all day and was getting crabby. We saw sister off just as the bone doctor became free from back to back hip replacements and called to see if she was now in significant debt.

Rather threw our usual routine, but it is good to support family.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

W'as up nigger bros (the proper post)

I am still managing to avoid myspace and facebook. I am fighting hard against them. But I have become rather obsessed with xtube. I have almost three hundred xtube friends now. Maybe a quarter of them are black Americans. Yum.

Well, I say yum, but my only real experience with black American guys is very limited. It pretty well boils down to one at the 1997 Mardi Gras party who unloaded over my Docs. He was very very nice and clearly had a skinny white boi fetish. Wonder if he has a not so skinny white ageing male fetish now? Unfortunately 'someone's partner' decided it was the right moment to bring down a wall partition and so the very pleasant experience ended abruptly.

But coming across all these black dudes on xtube has made me very interested. I even checked out male rent boi sites today to see if there were any in Melbourne. There wasn't and I was only going to look at their pictures anyway. You believe me don't you?

Australia is a bit the poorer for having so few black Americans. Oh well, maybe some among the Sudanese and Ethiopians will be gays. But they won't have the right attichood will dey nigger bro.

W'as up nigger bro (wandered very off subject)

When I started my blog, any reader I had was unknown to me. I was free to slag orf fat people, women, straights, foreign born, people in suburbs I did not like, fag hags, private schools, rich bastards, faggots, religion, old queens, twinky queens, opera queens, rice queens, hairy people, guys with little dicks, children, friends, commercial tv watchers, family etc etc. Best of all was slagging orf Americans.

Now, through my blog, I know all of the above and my blog has, I guess, taken on a more respectful tone. Religion is my last bastion, with politicians and media close behind, and I will continue to slag them orf as is my want.

In the meantime, I may have to do a bit of a blog clean up and I don't like doing it. When I said that R hates my sister, it was a repeat of his ranting after feeling some hurt. He never hates anyone and they are getting along finely now. When I described my age closest brother as brain damaged, I should have said that he has an acquired brain injury. My attempts at dramatic effect went too far.

Now that I have been Pandoraed for an ongoing basis and I have experienced the magic of my sister having produced Little Jo, I may well leave my blog address in my will for all the heirs to read as they wish. Of course I kid myself that they will be interested, but just in case.

Sunday bloody Sunday

Having a small digital camera, like the one I received for my birthday, is very useful. I can just slip it in my pocket when I am out and about and I am ready to record history in the making.

We have had shocking wind today. It blew an elm tree down outside our abode. I feel sorry for the car owner. I feel sorry for us loosing the tree. The car had a badly dented bonnet and the mudguard was damaged too. What I really noticed was the soil was as dry as dust. Our local constabulary and the State Emergency Services were in attendance.

We started to walk into town but it was so horribly windy, we only went a couple of tram stops and then caught a tram. We are going to see Priscilla the Musical next weekend and we needed to scout around for a place to dine for the twenty odd in our group. I think this place , Portland Hotel, will do. King Bo Chinese restaurant is also under consideration.

I am not sure why drag queens were at the Regent theatre in a horse drawn coach at midday. The only Sunday performance is at five o'clock. The shoe above the entrance to the Regent looked fab.