Thursday, July 19, 2007


A question for my blog readers. Is it acceptable for a guy to stare at another guy or girls chest if he or she is wearing a tee shirt with something written on it? Sometimes the writing can be quite small or there are subtle nuances, and it takes time to read or absorb them.

I don't want to be thought of as a perve, even though I probably am.

(Sorry man, just reading your tee. My eyes aren't what they used to be. That's why I am so close) or (Its ok, I am gay honey, just reading your tee not admiring your massive bossom)

Revenge of the rats

Dame M discovered rats were eating some of her bulbs from pots in her garden. The boarder spread some rat baits around and they were very effective. There are now many dead rats under Dame M's house and when she turns the heating on, the smell of roasting decomposing rats fills her house.

She had two reverse cycle air conditioners running flat out unsuccessfully trying to heat her house. She gave in to the cold and turned the main heating on and then spread lit incense sticks and candles around her house to disguise the smell. She guesses it will be about three more days before the smell stops.

I have no plans to visit her any time soon.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

XXX Post, Do not read if you are sensitive soul is something I came across a bit over a year ago. I found a bit earlier, but my preference is for the former. It is for straights and gays and all in between. It is totally pornographic and makes no pretence at being anything else.

I even went to the bother of making a couple, a few several short movies with the camera and uploaded them and and lo and behold, I have 86 people around the world who added me to their friend list and a few emails, plus several thousand views of my clips.

In real life, I am an invisible gay person pretty well because of my age. On the net, I am a star.

No Jahteh, I am not telling you how to find.

The Scum

Ok, I am a practical person. I know politicians need to be re-elected to carry out their idealist objectives. Sadly very few get to do so. I don't write much about politics but I am an avid follower. Much better writers wax lyrical about politics, so I leave it to them.

This little piece is written because I would like one of our Tory politicians to read what I think, no matter if they don't. I have written it, so it is thus.

Kiki's views are clear and he put on a fine performance on the wireless.

The Australian government has detained an Indian born doctor and openly accused him of, and displayed him as a terrorist. He gave his SIM card to a relative who was involved in a UK terrorist attack. Bit tenuous hey. I have never given my SIM card to anyone, but I have received an unexpired one and used it, much to the confusion of some people who received a text or call from me.

There must be more behind this, otherwise, why would the government be going out all on this doctor, a person of a respectable profession. The government could be trying to distract us during the pre election campaign that seems to be happening.

But given the government's past performance on any matter like this, no matter how credible they sound, could anyone really believe what they say?

PM Howard has clearly demonstrated that he will tolerate lies and perhaps even supported lies himself.

Howard and his party cabinet wonder why the general public seem disinclined to vote for them again.

I am astonished that they have been re-elected at the last two elections. Once the refugees throwing their children overboard tale was discredited, could anyone believe them? Well, hip pocket nerve perhaps came into play. But I don't see any lesser affect of the hip pocket nerve now.

Perhaps, just perhaps, voters can only tolerate the lying, the duplicitousness, the constant downward pressure on the poorest people in our country, the cynical use of Aboriginal problems, the loading up of the richer people and taking away from basic workers for so long.

I get a bit annoyed, because this is what business oriented political parties are all about. How come some of you voters did not know this? Why did you vote for Howard and his party at any time. I give you no praise for turning against him now.

If you have a large business or are a rich person, Howard is your man. The rest of you who don't fit that bill and vote for him are screwed in the head.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

More Brrrr

Most of we Australians don't know what it like to drive in snow or ice. Some in our countryside do. There were roads not too far from Melbourne closed today due to the snow and ice. I had considerable experience when young at driving on gravel roads and I can assure you, it is not hard to just glide off the road. Clearly ice is much much worse.


It is very cold today in Melbourne. The temperature at two in the afternoon is around six degrees, 40F. The daytime temperature in Melbourne is rarely below ten degrees. I am snugly indoors and I haven't been out at all today.

The hills around Melbourne have received enough snow for it to settle on the ground and some of Victoria's regional towns have been covered.

I, and probably most, are used to see kangaroos bounding through bush scrub, across dry plains or grazing on green fields. I did a double take when I saw this picture and had to think for a minute. Yes, I suppose some kangaroos do know what snow is and have experienced it before.

Pic courtesy The Age and Colin Wilson.

Monday, July 16, 2007

See the Doc

My Doctor was busy today. Booked out. If I insisted I expect he would see me, but as I only wanted a sick certificate for work I was ok about seeing another. I did not like him.

My last visit to Dr was a prescription for extra blood pressure medication. Since I am here, I will ask this chap to check my BP. Good he said and told me the reading. You need to cut salt out of your diet. I have never added salt to any food and I don't add it to any food and nor does R.

You need to do more exercise. I do plenty of exercise except when I am dying from a cold.

Would you like some Ventolin to help your breathing? It might make you a bit jittery. Jittery or shaky is my name, but no, I don't want Ventolin. I don't have asthma.

His conclusion of the consultation had me confused. Am I being dismissed now? Is it finished?

Then the stupid queen at the desk pressed the credit button on the bank keypad machine rather that the savings button. I insisted it did not matter, but later I realised it did a bit.

I really need to see my own doctor in the future. There were good reasons why this chap had free time on hands.

Travelling North Day 8 & 9

We left Broken Hill the next morning and by mid afternoon we were in Mildura where stayed at the same place as we did when going to BH. We returned home to Melbourne the following day.

Before we left Broken Hill, we took a look at railway museum. It is actually a train, mineral, hospital and immigration museum. It was very interesting but clearly run on absolute shoestring budget. It is located in the old Sulphide Street Station that served the Silverton Tramway. There is a website here on the Silverton Tramway which has the basic information.

Below is the Silver City Comet. It was the British Empire's first diesel powered and air conditioned train. It was built in 1937 and the train travelled between Parkes in NSW and Broken Hill. Can you imagine the luxury of an air con train over the hot plains to Broken Hill right back in the late 1930s? It was not retired until the late 1980s.

I think there were three trains in the museum but the Silver City Comet was my favourite.

This is the train kitchen. I have never seen inside one before.

The kitchen must have had some mods over the years.

I bet there are some Craven A butts in there, but as sterile as they may have been, I wasn't about to fish about to confirm.

An inbuilt hydraulic turntable. Very impressive.

A rail cycle. Not for going anywhere in a hurry.

Travelling North Day 7

We spent some time at the gallery of the late Pro Hart, the local artist and inventor. I knew about his art work, but I had no idea he was a famous inventor. We were told that he made his money from his inventions, not from his art. Owning four Rolls Royce would certainly cost, well I think one is Daimler. I liked some of his artwork very much. He was also a collector of all sorts of things too, some of which are displayed in the gallery. You can't go to Broken Hill without seeing the Pro Hart gallery.

In the afternoon we climbed to the highest point on the Barrier Ranges (not verified) to see the sculptures at the Living Desert Flora and Fauna Sanctuary.
They were interesting enough, made of granite chiselled by artists from around the work over a few weeks while they lived on sculpture site. The views from up top were fantastic. Unfortunately a cold wind was blowing. The two mountain peaks in the distance are called The Pinnacles.

Also atop the ranges is this trig point or survey marker. The actual point is in front of the marker.

Back to Broken Hill where we checked out a couple more galleries and then headed to the train museum but it closes at three and we missed it. We were leaving the next day but we had to make time to see it before we go. We were then at a bit of a loss for a couple of hours and ended up trying a couple of the old style pubs. They were dark and depressing and although no-smoking had just started in all bars, they still reeked of it. Chatted to an Aboriginal women and her daughter for a bit. She then had a nice win on the pokies.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Almost there

Highriser is nearly dead, from the common cold. R seems like he may be getting it too. We kept bumping the heating up today and this evening wrapped ourselves in granny blankets and watched tv. I just could not get warm today until I had a hot bath.

We did bash off to the Balaclava Hotel to meet the brothers for dinner. We had some other plans but it did not happen. I sat with my back to the open fire to stay warm.

Many years ago R had a stint between jobs when he first arrived in Australia as a tram conductor. The chap who trained him as a tram conductor lived in an Albert Park boarding house. He was of Latvian extraction I think. For at least a decade, probably longer, he has caught the same trams from Albert Park every night to the Balaclava Hotel for his evening meal. He always sat at the same reserved table and either read his newspaper or chatted to his latest lady companion. Tonight there were flowers on the table and a funeral service card. No drawn out malingering for him. Quick and clean.

I wonder if R regrets not going up to him and saying, 'Hi, Charlie, remember me?'

New niece

How bad can timing be. My sister has a new baby and I am dying. Well, I have a cold. Is any person ever sicker than a bloke who has a cold?

We drove to Geelong today to see 'Now', which is what she was called before she was born. Now is a beautiful baby. Many friends of my sister were there, but not too long after my mother arrived and her presence seems to dominate everything. Being a bit infectious, I could not go near little Jo. All present had a turn nursing Now, including R. I would have liked to hold little Jo's hand. It will keep. She may be known as Jo, Joey or Now. She is not named after this bitch
who actually is quite nice.

We were told in advance that she is a beautiful baby and yes, she does not look so bad. I saw an expression on her face........'what am I in for?'

I also learnt stuff that I did not know. Milk does not arrive until about the third day after birth. The first couple of days are just liquid full of antibodies etc etc. The shite will then change colour. I was happier in my ignorance. Someone sent me this camera pic of Now.